Woman goes viral on TikTok for her perfect clap back at a catcaller

Catcallers harass a police officer at London's Piccadilly Circus

A woman has been praised for her perfect clap back to a catcaller in a viral TikTok.

Lumma (@lummaaziz) took to the platform with a clip of herself walking down the street as her friend recorded. "So quick with the response," she captioned the viral TikTok, which has received a jaw-dropping 17.1 million views.

A man yells something at Lumma from across the street, to which she responds: "You're the ugliest thing I've ever seen, f**k you."

While it's unclear what the man said, several fellow TikTok users, suggested he said: "Hey since I like you tell me your price and let's go."

The clip has been inundated with thousands of comments applauding Lumma for her candid response.


So quick with the response đŸ˜‚ #fyp

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One joked: "I love how you called it a "thing" DO IT AGAIN," while another praised her clap back, saying: "this energy is ITTTT."

Many drew comparisons to the popular drama series, Euphoria. "It's giving Maddy from Euphoria and I love it," one TikToker commented.

Others, however, highlighted the dangers of responding to catcalls.

"I love love this, but just be careful. A man's ego can be so fragile, that they'll snap over words like this smh sad we have to deal with it but true," they said.

Catcalling is a form of verbal harassment – mostly against women. A 2016 California State University study revealed that almost 25 per cent of women said this form of harassment led to the catcaller inappropriately touching them.

Speaking to Garbo, Sophie Sandberg, Founder of Chalk Backsaid: "Many people who experience catcalling report psychological distress. One young girl who reached out to us explained how she felt after a threatening sexual comment: 'I got in my car and locked the doors. I almost had a panic attack. I felt so violated and naked because of this. I hated the way I felt when they said that to me.'"

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