With the Covid Omicron variant quickly spreading in recent weeks, getting the family together to celebrate Christmas was a tricky task to say the least.

But one woman who tested positive for Covid didn’t miss out on the festivities after she made a personal bubble of her own.

TikTok user Crista LaRocks (@cristalarock), from Long Island, New York, shared the extra length her Covid-positive sister went to in order to join Christmas dinner

In the video, the family can be seen gathering around the dinner table to tuck into their food as the camera pans to Crista’s sister who looks quite content eating her food from her plastic bubble suit in order to avoid infecting family members.

“When your sister gets covid for Christmas... you get her a bubble!!!” Crista wrote as a caption along with Jingle Bell Rock playing in the background.


When your sister gets covid for Christmas…you get her a bubble!!! #bubblegirl #covid #merrychristmas @camlrock

Since posting their solution, Cristal’s video has received 10.7m views, over 780,000 likes and thousands of people commented sharing their thoughts - and let’s just say people were divided.

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Some had question marks over how safe the plastic tent was and how effective it was to prevent the virus from spreading. They criticised the family for allowing the sister to join - plastic tent or not and noted how other families were separated at Christmas when someone tested positive.

One person wrote: “10 bucks the whole family gets it by New Years [sic] or sooner because that is not sealed.”

“My daughter has covid. she’s in her room and we opened gifts through FaceTime,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “People will do anything other than stay [sic] home and be responsible.”

Though there were others that praised the family’s creativity.

One person said: “Don’t care what anyone else says. This is very sweet. Shows u guys are a very close family and love each other so much.”

“All the people saying ‘this won’t work’ but yeah a bedroom door and a house with a shared ventilation system is basically a clean room,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “I don’t understand why everyone is hating. This is her immediate family. Y’all would make your younger sibling stay locked away in their room on Xmas?”

“What’s the big deal?? didn’t everyone just cram in by the thousands into WalMart, malls and grocery stores to xmas shop???” a fourth person commented.

As a result of all the debating in the comments, Crista commented and gave some extra information about the day.

“You all need to relax,” she said. “We all LIVE TOGETHER and all are vaccinated and tested NEGATIVE.

“She was in the bubble to eat and spend little amounts of time in. That is what we as a family chose to do.”

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