Woman finds female toiletries in date's bathroom suggesting that he is not single

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A woman has gone viral for revealing her Tinder date’s bathroom had women’s toiletries and a second toothbrush inside.

The video, captioned “it honestly just kept getting worse”, was posted by 21-year-old user @maricela_rae from Colorado, US and has over 3.3 million views and 490,000 comments of other people shocked at the date’s audacity.

The now infamous bathroom had sanitary pads, women’s hair colour developer, women’s hairspray, a second toothbrush and a pink loofah inside. Ye.”s, pink.

The overlayed text in the video said: “So, I hung out with this guy and I always check their bathroom to see if they have a gf…”.

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Then, the user flipped the camera to show viewers a tour of the product’s she found accompanied with the Mission Impossible theme tune playing in the back, highlighting her super-sleuth skills.

it honestly just kept getting worse… #cheater #tinder #fyp #funny #caught #guys #umyeah


it honestly just kept getting worse… #cheater #tinder #fyp #funny #caught #guys #umyeah

it honestly just kept getting worse… #cheater #tinder #fyp #funny #caught #guys #umyeah

She even went to the extent of turning the tap on so her date couldn’t hear her snooping.

The comments were in shock at the date’s actions, with one saying: “I saw the pads and thought ‘just in case he has female guest’ but the developer feels personal.”

Another said: “Pads? Not a red flag. Pads AND developer? Red flag.”

Others also shared similar situations they had the misfortune of being in.

One user said: “Found silver shampoo. He told me it was his sister's. She's brunette bro.”

Another said: “The way I found Bath and Bodywork perfume and he had the audacity to tell me it was his.”

Some even shared tips for what to do in this situation and how best to leave hints for the girlfriend in question.

One user said: “Leave a hair tie on the sink, he won’t be able to tell, she’ll see it from a mile away.”

Another said: “Leave a note in the pads!”.

The TikToker commented on the video saying she left some hair ties and a lip gloss in her date’s home to warn his supposed girlfriend and left as soon as she saw the products in good girl code.

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