Dogs Know Owners by the Sound of Their Voice, Study Says

A woman has split opinion online after naming her adopted dog after her late mother.

In a move which has proven surprisingly controversial, the 60-year-old was branded "disrespectful" by her family and friends – and explained her unusual situation in a viral post on Reddit.

According to The Mirror,she write: "My husband and I recently rescued a new dog and named her Penelope in honour of my mother who passed away last year.

"My family has said they think that is very weird and disrespectful. They said if I wanted to honour her, I should have taken my mother's cat when she passed instead of asking my brother to."

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Was she wrong to name the dog Penelope? The woman asked for Reddit users’ opinions, which seemed split down the middle.

One said that it was a perfectly reasonable name to choose, saying: “It’s not weird or disrespectful. My dad named two dogs, at separate times, after his late brother. People find comfort in it and your family is a bit weird for being so upset about it."

Another added: "You are allowed to name your dog whatever you want. Your family is allowed to be uncomfortable with you naming a dog after their recently dead family member."

The post has proven controversial with some readersCreative Commons

Some weren’t so sure, though, saying it was a disrespectful choice.

One more said: "I wouldn’t want to connect my late mother and your dog either. You can and have named your dog whatever you want but claiming a name that matters to other people then includes the feelings of other people."

Dogs, as ever, have proven to be pretty big talking points on the internet recently.

Google Maps users couldn't help but notice something random on the street view setting recently. It seems that dogs' faces that appear on street views have been blurred out – with their reason behind the move being to "protect their privacy.

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