<p>TikToker finds out that her paternal family lives in her hometown via DNA test.</p>

TikToker finds out that her paternal family lives in her hometown via DNA test.

Photo courtesy of @ jordynthe1st/TikTok

A woman experienced a shocking revelation after a DNA test unlocked the 20-year mystery of her family origins.

Jordyn Myers, who goes by @jordynthe1st on TikTok, took to her platform to post a video about the discovery.

When Myers was 17, she took an ancestry test that led her to find out that she was actually half Afghan. When she turned 20, she messaged a second cousin from her dad’s side that she had found on ancestry. And she found out that her dad’s side lived in the same Las Vegas, Nevada hometown as her!

Myers posted several other videos delving into the situation some more. In one video, she shows a picture of her mother saying that she had her when she was 17-years-old and a photo of her biological father whose age she couldn’t identify as she just took the photo off of his Facebook page.

“Essentially, they only met once, and you all know how it goes. Hookups were a thing back then, too, except they didn’t have an easy way to contact each other,” Myers said.

She also adds that her mother also didn’t know that he was the dad, as she had a Puerto Rican boyfriend “a few months” after she met him. Eventually, her mother remembered a Middle Eastern guy named Alex that she linked with 20 years prior.

In another video, Myers states that her second cousin informed her paternal grandmother of the situation, who then told her biological father.

Soon after, she was welcomed by the family and connected with them in person. During the encounter, she found out that her father lives in Afghanistan due to deportation while he was in his 20s and can no longer return to the United States.

Despite this, her father accepted her with “open arms” from a distance.

As she learned more about her father, she also stumbled upon other interesting things within her family story—her father was also affluent and wanted to “financially make up for lost time.”

Speaking with indy100, Myers says that she continues to learn more about her family every day.

“I message my dad every so often and I see his family that lives here almost every week. As far as next steps go, he’s planning on flying me out to Europe in the next few months to meet him!” she said.

“As much as I would love to go to Afghanistan , the climate over there isn’t the safest, so we have to meet elsewhere for the time being,” she continues.

People in the comments of her videos on TikTok shared an enormous amount of support for her.

“Wow, you look so much like him!! So happy for you,” someone wrote.

“Omg, you look so much like your dad girl. I’m happy you’ve found each other. I found my family after 20 years, too,” another added.

How heartwarming!

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