Staff at car dealership baffled as woman refuses to let female mechanic work on her car

Staff at car dealership baffled as woman refuses to let female mechanic work on her car

A woman who called a dealership and insisted on having her car looked at by a male mechanic has shocked TikTok.

In a clip uploaded by @5centrayray, or Rachel, the customer can be heard saying she doesn’t want a woman working on her car.

She uploaded the clip with the caption: “Blows my mind how people can be.”

Since sharing the clip a day ago, it has amassed 1.7 million views.

The video starts with the on-screen text: “When a Karen calls and we are all female service writers…”


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Rachel said that the department is run by a female service director who oversees two dealerships and has over 25 years of experience.

The customer asked to speak to a man as “females don’t belong in the service department, they belong behind the scenes doing the paperwork”.

A woman called Autumn spoke to her, and replied to say there is no male in their service department.

She transferred her to the sales department but ended up getting passed back to Autumn when she predictably got nowhere with sales.

When Autumn spoke to her again, the woman said she had to make an appointment, adding: “I just hope there are no females on the desk when I get there.”

When she’s once again told there are no males on the service desk, the woman replied: “Oh God, that is totally messed up. I need my oil changed but there better be a male mechanic that I can talk to.”

The on-screen text reads: “She has always had some issue every visit…”

When Autumn said she was going to once again transfer her to sales, the woman said again that she doesn’t “want a female working on [her] car” and claimed that the last time she had an appointment, she had to “track down a male” to sort out her car because the female technician was “incompetent”.

She claimed she previously came in with a job that should have taken five minutes but said it took an hour.

The on-screen text clarifies: “The time she speaks of is the appointment she refused to reschedule due to our shop getting hit with Covid and being down four techs so the shop was behind, and was told of the extended wait time.”

She was then transferred to the sales manager.

Rachel wrote that after the owner saw the video, he was “shocked and outraged”.

She wrote: “In his five dealerships he has three female managers and eight service writers. Females in our department are treated with equal opportunities. Our service director fired her as a customer.”

“Bye bye Karen!” she added.

The comment section was unsurprisingly shocked at the woman’s attitude.

One of the comments suggested giving the woman a taste of her own medicine, writing: “I would have said ‘I completely understand ma’am, can I speak to the man of the house to confirm what you are saying is correct?’”.

Another viewer wrote: “I will never understand females hating other females.”

“As a female mechanic I’m livid,” another wrote.

Others suggested they should have simply hung up.

We have to commend Autumn for keeping her cool during this situation, and the service director for saying “no thanks” to this delightful-sounding customer…

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