Woman disgusted after finding used boxer shorts in clothing store

Woman disgusted after finding used boxer shorts in clothing store
Jam Press

A woman has shared the shocking moment she found what appeared to be used boxers on a rack in a clothing shop.

Paula pops into her local warehouse sale in Vancouver, Canada, every couple of months, often picking up amazing vintage or discounted branded products for low prices. However, a recent visit on 2 September has left her stumped, with her calling the discovery “gross”.

Taking to TikTok (@thisgirlpppaula), her video has gone viral – gathering over 57,000 views.

“The sale was hectic as always and extremely messy with clothes everywhere,” Paula, who works in social media marketing, told

“I was really open-minded when I went because you truly never know what you’re going to find. I was in the short[s] section, going through the hangers, sliding them along and I came across a pair of shorts.

“I immediately knew these didn’t belong there but I had to double-check.” Paula then took it upon herself to get rid of the dirty pair.

She said: “Gross. Rather than leaving them there, I just did everyone a favour and threw them away, they didn’t belong here. I did notify a staff [member] of what I found and they thanked me for throwing it away.”

Jam Press

Paula recorded the bizarre find and posted it to social media. “GIRL! Who’s boyfriend did this?!,” the caption read. [sic] “Someone hung their nasty crusty boxers.”

The video reveals the “gross” grey boxers, before showing Paula popping them into a bin.

The post has over 1,700 likes and plenty of comments from baffled users.

Joey said: “That is so nice of you for taking it out of the racks, a lot of people would just leave it.”

Regina commented: “I once saw someone’s Walmart-branded sweatpants on the rack.”

Weenie added: “Literally I grabbed a pair of sweat shorts and they had period stains all over the inside.”

Jam Press

Jam wrote: “Girl why did you touch it!”, to which Paula replied, “I HAD TO! Otherwise, it would still be there.” [sic]

“Omg babe as someone who was working there thank u for throwing it out,” said one follower. [sic] “I swear some of the rack smell so bad, like somebody hasn't showered in decade,” added another user.

“Wait wtf u take the award for 1# best samaritan,” wrote another fan. [sic] GOT Paula added: “It takes patience to find the clothing and sizes you’re looking for in items you like. “I just hope this isn’t the start of a new prank trend.”

Jam Press has contacted Aritzia, the clothing warehouse that the customer visited, for comment but has not received a reply at the time of distributing this story.

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