Woman praises man for 'thoughtful' drink request on their first date

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With drink spiking on the rise earlier this year, one young woman has told Reddit about how her date made her feel safe while still getting to know each other during their very first outing together.

In her post that has since gained over 17 thousand upvotes, @GamerGurl3980 explains that after getting along great for 4-5 hours, she and her date went to a restaurant together. But, a spanner was thrown in the works.

"I needed to go use the bathroom. But I didn't trust him enough to leave my drink unattended (because duh, it was our first time meeting). I tried to cover it with my cloth napkin but obviously - that wouldn't stop him if he tried to drug me."

So, GamerGurl3980 makes the difficult decision to hold it in until she gets home. A risky yet brave decision in my book, but definitely the safer option when you haven't even known your date for a whole day yet.

However, her bravery was not needed, as her date proves to us all that chivalry is not dead (yes you read that right).

"When our waiter came back to us, my date proceeded to say to the waiter: 'Hey, it's our first date. Can you take her drinks and hold them while she goes to the bathroom and bring them back when she gets back?'

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GamerGurl3980's reaction probably encapsulates how most of us reacted to this.

"WHEN I TELL YOU IN MY HEAD MY JAW DROPPED!!!! I have NEVER had a guy do that for me before or I've never heard of any guy doing that with any woman before!"

That being said, she does acknowledge that many people will view this as the "bare minimum". But one comment under her post raises a great point.

"The bare minimum is not drugging your dates drink (duh). but this shows some serious thought and awareness!"

And, unfortunately, with date-drugging not being all that rare (it reached "'epidemic' levels in the UK" earlier this year according to an article in The Guardian), it seems that lots of people can take a leaf out of this bloke's book to make their date feel safe.

"Well as someone who got drugged doing exactly this I applaud that man and you!"

"No that's very thoughtful! In real life unheard of, not a bare minimum!"

Of course, this story also shows a tip for people afraid of being drugged; that you can always ask staff to look after your drink if that makes you feel safer.

Hopefully GamerGurl3980's post illustrates that humanity is not as doomed as we thought, or at least shows us ways to save it.

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