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Cleaning can be so therapeutic - but only if what you're dusting doesn't turn out to be a living, breathing horror movie.

After leaving a spot in her bedroom to gather dust, make-up and special effects student Lydia decided to have a closer inspection.

She might have expected the corner to be a bit disgusting, but that doesn't nearly begin to cover the horror what was really lurking there.

The horrified 19-year-old realised she was looking at a giant mama spider and its equally huge brood - being a citizen of the internet age, she promptly tweeted a picture.

Her bemused followers questioned how she had lived with a growing family of giant spiders unknowingly, hinting that she should have picked up a duster.

Lydia's dad soon came to the rescue.

With the problem flushed away, Lydia could finally relax.

For now, at least...

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