iPhone hack teaches you how to stop thieves turning your phones tracker ...

Have you ever left a group and immediately realized they were likely talking about you behind your back?

It's a feeling many people know all too well and the unknown comments people are making can end up haunting you. Of course, there's no way to find out what's actually being said about you, right?

According to one TikTok user, that might not be so true anymore.

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One TikToker went viral after she revealed a “hidden feature” on the iPhone that allows you to eavesdrop on conversations.

The social media user in question is Michelle Guo (@woahguo) who posted the video explaining how she listened in on the conversation without being physically present for it.

“Thinking about the time I turned on ‘live listen’ on my iPhone & left my phone on the table & walked away with my AirPods in so that I could listen to what everyone said without me being in the room,” the text overlay on the video reads. The TikTok was accompanied by the current trending sound “Crazy” by Patsy Cline.


A wonderful little tool

"A wonderful little tool," she captioned the video.

"How do we do this," one person commented, to which the user responded by giving a mini tutorial, writing: "Settings > Control Center > add Hearing > connect AirPods > turn on Live Listen > place phone down & walk away & listen 🥰."

"I did this at my old job and it still amazes me how people are nice to your face and then do a 180 when you leave the room," wrote one person.

"Brb stealing this idea," said another person.

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