Woman leaves her $2.8 million fortune to her pets – not her children

Woman leaves her $2.8 million fortune to her pets – not her children
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An elderly woman in China has reportedly removed her children from her will – and instead plans on leaving her $2.8 million (£2.1m) fortune to her pets.

The woman, who has only been identified by her surname Liu, initially planned on leaving her money and property to her three children.

However, this soon changed when she claimed they didn't care to visit her.

She said that her dogs and cats have been by her side and kept her company, as per the South China Morning Post citing Zonglan News.

A local vet has reportedly been made responsible for her inheritance, with Liu stating she would like the money to care for the animals and their offspring.

Despite her wishes, leaving money to pets is not legal in China – but there are apparently ways around it.

Chen Kai, an official from the country’s Will Registration Centre headquarters in Beijing told the publication that "there are alternatives to solve this issue."

"Liu’s current will is one way, and we would have advised her to appoint a person she trusts to supervise the vet clinic to ensure the pets are properly cared for," he continued.

If all goes to plan, Liu's pets could very well make the world's richest cats and dogs list.

Among the rich list is the late Karl Lagerfel's cat, Choupette, worth an estimated $12 million (£9.5m).

The cat has even acquired some of Lagerfeld's famous friends including Kim Kardashian, who had a date with Choupette ahead of the Met Gala last year.

During an episode of The Kardashians, the star told viewers "I am going to the Met with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat as my date, and I’m so excited."

However, Choupette didn't particularly take too well to the Skims founder and started hissing at her.


"It’s OK, I act like that sometimes too," she added.

While the duo didn't get to attend the Met together, they managed to take some wholesome Instagram snaps at the very least.

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