This woman got the most hilariously unfortunate tattoo just before pandemic started
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It can take a long time to decide what you should get tattooed on your body – and in some cases, you may make a regrettable choice.

But the timing couldn’t have been worse when a woman from Kentucky got a tattoo on 4 March 2020 – just a few days before the state announced its first case of Covid.

Participating in a TikTok challenge for “the dumbest tattoo you’ve ever gotten,” Leah Holland showed off her unlucky ink in a now-viral video.

The message of her tattoo, which she revealed as she rolled up her sleeve, was meant to be about “being true to yourself”. It now takes on a whole new meaning: “Courageously & radically refuse to wear a mask.”

Holland explained her decision to get the tattoo to BuzzFeed News, "Basically I had a friend that said this quote about me," she said. "We were just talking about things that we really admire about the other person, and he said, 'You courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask.'"

If only she had waited a few more days....

Holland now fears that people think she’s “anti-mask” and told Buzzfeed, "I wore cardigans year-round," she said.

After her story went viral, people laughed along with the ‘hilarious’ but ‘unfortunate’ situation.

One comment suggested on TikTok she add the line "hindsight is 2020."

In the end, Holland doesn't regret the tattoo and is happy to have this story behind it.

"It will be a funny story to tell years from now, you know," she said. "I don't think it will ever not be a funny story."

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