Woman climbs through McDonald's window and demands to be taught how to make the food

Woman climbs through McDonald's window and demands to be taught how to make the food
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We’ve all sought out the McDonald’s drive-through in our time of need – but most of us have never attempted to climb through the window into the kitchen, though.

That’s exactly what one woman did in a viral TikTok clip, which saw her try to “train” herself by joining the staff inside the fast food restaurant.

The footage posted by TikTok user @quezgreer saw the woman attempt to learn how to cook her favourite dishes from the chain by herself.

The reason? The staff were all out of sanitary gloves, which meant they were unable to prepare meals for customers themselves.

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Text overlaying the clip read: “Lady climbs thru McDonald’s window because we’re not taking anymore orders CAUSE we have no gloves.”


#fyp #viral #mcdonalds 😂😂

“She’s not playing, she wants to make her own food,” it added.

The woman then asks the manager’s permission to begin her “first day of training” and learn how to prepare her own order.

She may have been a little overdressed, but it didn’t stop her climbing through and getting involved.

The comments on the video are largely positive, with one saying: “She looks kinda fun tho.”

“She climbed all the way through that window, let her make it LMFAO,” another added.

Staff can't cook? No problem for this womanTikTok/@greergree

“She is an icon,” another user said, before one more wrote: “This actually woulda made my day.”

It’s the most recent McDonald’s-related video to go viral this year after a man who appears to work at the fast-food chain revealed the reason why customers should always order 20 chicken McNuggets instead of the other options of 4, 6, or 10.

TikToker @nicaraguanjesus posted a clip showing the chicken McNuggets getting cooked in the kitchen of one of the restaurants where they pulled out one of the trays to reveal more than 20 of them which looked like they had been freshly cooked.

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