McDonalds worker reveals why you should always order 20 chicken nuggets and not 4

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A man who appears to work at fast-food chain restaurant Mcdonald's has revealed the reason why customers should always order 20 chicken McNuggets instead of the other options of 4, 6, or 10.

TikToker @nicaraguanjesus posted a clip showing the chicken McNuggets getting cooked in the kitchen of one of the restaurants where they pulled out one of the trays to reveal more than 20 of them which looked like they had been freshly cooked.

"Don't buy a 4, 6, or 10 piece at McDonald's always get a 20 it'll be fresher," the on-screen text read with the worker's advice as he added: "You're welcome," in the TikTok caption.

This suggests that if you order less than 20 nuggets then customers may receive chicken nuggets that have been leftover and are not as fresh because they've sat in the tray for longer.

So the video is basically saying if you order 4, 6, 10 nuggets, you may receive a previously cooked batch rather than freshly made ones.


You’re welcome #fyp#foryou

Since sharing the McNugget advice, the video has received 632,000 views, 29,000 likes along with hundreds of comments from people who expressed their opinion on the TikToker's tip

Some agreed with the TikToker that the nuggets are fresher when you order a bigger batch of them.

One person wrote: "No wonder when I got my 10 piece it wasn’t as crispy as they were when I get 20."

"Bro every time I get anything below a 10 piece it's cold af," another wrote.

Someone else added: "As a worker, I can confirm."

However, others disagreed with this assessment and noted their personal experiences at the restaurant.

One person said: "Wrong. It's never fresher when ordering the 20 piece. we order them all the time and you can tell they've been sitting a while."

"Not true. I get a 20 every time," another person wrote, as someone else replied: "Bro sponsoring Mcdonald's."

While many pointed out you can ask for your chicken McNuggets to be freshly cooked.

"I work at McDonald's and you can just ask for it fresh," one person wrote, and another person agreed: "Ask for them [to be] 'cooked to order' they cook them while you wait."

"U can literally ask for them fresh and we’ll drop a new batch," someone else commented.

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