Woman claims that her doctor told her to stop making noises when she was giving birth

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Giving birth can be daunting and for one mother-of-three this wasn't helped when her doctor yelled her to be quiet during her labour.

TikToker Yasmyn Switzer (@yasmynswitzer) revealed the negative experience from the birth of her third daughter on TikTok as she wrote: "When I was pushing my baby out without meds and the doctor delivering her yelled at me to be quiet."

This initial video went viral with over 5.1m views, 538,000 likes and thousands of comments as people were disappointed to hear about this, and due to the widespread interest in what happened, Switzer decided to do a follow-up video with the storytime to further explain some of the details.

Switzer noted how she had a natural "unmedicated hospital births" for all three of her kids and then explained with her third birth she had gone to the hospital an hour before her daughter was born after going through labour at home.

Upon arrival, she asked hospital staff for water to keep hydrated but after half an hour had gone by she Switzer still hadn't received any water and she also was not yet hooked up to an IV so asked if her husband could go and get her water.


Reply to @hannahcaric0 I think I’m done having kids but if I were to have more I’d love to try a home birth with a midwife and doula that I choose and trust. #ScreamItOut #birthstory #pregnant #laboranddelivery #labortrauma #naturalbirth

"I was super nice, even in labor I'm not the type of person to be cursing at the doctors and confrontational," the TikToker added.

Another detail she pointed out was that there were two nurses with her, and she thought one of them was new as the other nurse was teaching her how to check if Switzer was dilated.

After her water broke, Switzer was in the active pushing part of labour for around 10 minutes before her daughter was born during which she said: "I'm not screaming or even really being that loud but moaning when I'm pushing my daughter out."

Understandable - though apparently not to Switzer's doctor...

"In the middle of my contraction, the doctor goes ‘I’m going to need you to be quiet so that I can hear.’

“It was so rude, I’ve been with this doctor a lot through my pregnancies and she’s always not had the best bedside manners," she said.

In the video caption, Switzer added: “I think I’m done having kids but if I were to have more I’d love to try a home birth with a midwife and doula that I choose and trust.”

In her original video, plenty of women were appalled at the doctor telling Switzer to be quiet, while others shared similar experiences to the TikToker.

One person said: "They kept telling me don't yell just breathe and I was like nah you breathe I'll yell."

"Oh sorry, my bad. It's not like I'm PUSHING A FRIGGIN CHILD OUT OF ME," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Bro. Same. A nurse got kicked outta delivery room bc she GRABBED my face & told me to be quiet mid NATURAL birth."

"The medical abuse that we've been taught is normal is just insane! Mom should do whatever the heck works to get her baby out," a fourth person commented.

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