Bez struggles to pronounce anchovies on Celebrity MasterChef

A woman has absolutely baffled the internet with her unusual pronunciation of the word cucumber.

Sometimes we can mispronounce words that are perhaps more obscure, but in a TikTok a woman named Emma explained that she only recently learned she pronounces a fairly everyday word strangely.

In a clip that’s been viewed over 577,000 times, Emma explained she was “today years old” when she realised she says the word for the vegetable wrong.

Before revealing how she says it, Emma said: “I’ve had to message my friends and my family and get them to send me voice notes of how they pronounce it.

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“Turns out only my brother pronounces it the same way as I do so it must be a family thing.”

Emma then said the word itself, pronouncing it like, “cyu-cyumber”. She used the same “cu” sound that begins the word for the second “c-u”.


Reply to @hollyms44 how do you pronounce cucumber?? #cucumber #pronunciation #accent #sounds #unhinged

But, there was method to her madness, as she explained: “I think it makes more sense than the way you’re supposed to pronounce it, which is ‘cu-Cumber’.

“Because the word has c-u, c-u, so surely both times you pronounce c-u it should sound the same.”

She went on, reasoning that the second C in the word should actually be a K because it’s a harder sound.

Ending the video, Emma appealed for anyone else who pronounces it like her and her brother and questioned if it was just them.

One person replied: “Literally only u and ur brother.”

Another said: “There’s no logic, you’re just saying it wrong.”

Someone else joked: “You sound like you're trying to say it in a Russian accent.”

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