<p>TikToker believes her late father gave her a sign to avoid a near fatal car crash—through his cologne.</p>

TikToker believes her late father gave her a sign to avoid a near fatal car crash—through his cologne.

Photo courtesy of @spoopykewpie/TikTok

A woman on TikTok believed that her late father saved her and her unborn child from a near-fatal car crash with an unlikely, yet familiar sign.

Kim, who goes by @spoopykewpie on the platform, posted a video titled, “Thanks, Dad,” noted the miraculous event that occurred while driving home in a snowstorm.

“Driving home on the interstate during a snowstorm, 36 weeks pregnant with my first son,” the text over screen began.

She then realized something very familiar—her father’s scent.

Check out the full video here.

“My car being absolutely filled with the overwhelming scent of my dad’s cologne, even though my dad passes away 10 years earlier,“ the text over screen added.

After getting a good whiff, she decided to follow her gut and pulled off the road “two exits earlier“ than normal to get back home.

Once she arrived at her home safe and sound, she found out that there was over a 15 car crash right before the exit route she normally takes.

People in the comments noted how much they had “chills” from her testimony and also shared moments that they experienced “divine intervention” from their loved ones before a major accident or in everyday life.

“Heard my dad’s voice when we got into a huge accident. He said, “cover your face” moments before the windshield shattered,” someone said.

“I was wrapping presents for my three babies alone in my room. I smelled my grandmother’s house. I knew she was there. It was magic,” another added.

But someone else in the comments assured Kim of how protected she is, saying, “This video has so much energy, you are so heavily protected. I don’t know where you stand spiritually, but I believe that he has been a protector.”

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