Woman says she regrets her back tattoo because its become a 'd**k magnet'

Woman says she regrets her back tattoo because its become a 'd**k magnet'
Woman says she regrets her back tattoo because it became 'd**k magnet'

A woman has opened up about the unwanted attention her "d**k magnet" tattoo is getting from men.

In a viral clip from TikTok user @imthatannoying, Australian creator Paul Sterrantino approaches a woman on Bondi Beach, asking: "What’s your biggest regret?”

The woman wasted no time responding: “The tattoo on my back,” while turning around to showcase the large ink on her upper back.

Paul then says, “Damn. Have you had any unexpected attention from it?”

“Yeah, I would say it is a bit of a d**k magnet. A lot of unwanted attention,” she replied.

It's apparently common for people to change their minds after getting inked. One survey revealed that a staggering 75 per cent of their 600 respondents admitted regretting at least one of their tattoos.

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Tattoo-Tok seems to be garnering a lot of attention at the moment, with horror stories, body-shaming and even a man who ditched the gym for tattooed abs.

That's right. A man got bored of working out and turned to South African tattoo artist Dean Gunther, who now works in Greater Manchester, to see if he could help him out.

The TikTok shows the man struggling at a gym and seeing no payoff for all the hard work he was putting in.


How to get a 6 pack in 2 days! you tattoo it!my bro was tired of spending hours in the gym, so I gave him a 6 pack tattoo, ready for summer. enjoy#6packtattoo #cosmetictattoos#tattoos#viral#fyp#6pack#6packabs

Speaking to The Sun, Gunther said: "I had seen really bad ones attempted before. Because I specialise in colour realism I wanted to give it a go. I thought it would be funny as hell."

Over on TikTok, people couldn't quite believe what they were seeing. One person wrote: "Please tell me this is a joke?"

Another said: "that has to be the saddest thing I've ever seen."

A third added: "The detail in the tattoo is amazing! I’ll give you that, but he’s definitely going to regret that."

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