<p>Tattoo artist Jamie Lo reenacted the incident for a now-viral TikTok clip</p>

Tattoo artist Jamie Lo reenacted the incident for a now-viral TikTok clip


Revenge is a dish best served cold and, sometimes, in a tattoo parlour, it transpires.

That is according to one artist who has spoken of the time he was commissioned to give a couple matching tattoos, but was met with a surprise plot twist.

TikTok user Jamie Lo reenacted the scene, which saw the ostensibly loved-up pair come to his studio and request to have each other’s names inked on their bodies.

Lo then asked which of them wanted to go first, prompting the girlfriend to nominate her man.

The boyfriend admitted he was nervous because it was his first ever tattoo but he was still excited because it was for “the love of his life”.

Once Lo was finished with the design the man examined it with delight, hailing it as “amazing”, particularly since he’d had it done with “the woman I love”.

However, when the artist turned to the girlfriend, she informed him she would not be following suit.

Lo was inevitably confused, thinking their plan was to get matching designs, but then she explained: "See that was the plan, but then I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend.

“So I thought it would be nice to give him a permanent reminder of this moment, and of me, for the rest of his life.

Her horror-stricken partner attempted to deny the accusations, but his protests were in vain.

She turned and blew a kiss as she walked away, adding: “Have fun with your removal, babe,” leaving Lo utterly “gobsmacked.”

Lo was left in total shock by the dramatic denouement@jammydodged/TikTok

The tattooist’s dramatisation of the incident racked up more than 10.9 million views, 3.4 million likes and nearly 10,000 comments in just six days, as fellow TikTokers shared their admiration for the daring woman.

“That’s kind of evil but I vibe with it,” one wrote.

Another said: “My partner has been cheating on me for seven months and I’ve just found out. This would [have] been perfect.”

And a third commented: “At first I was like ‘nooo don’t get relationship tats’ and then I was like ‘hmm I mean I’m not against this’.”

Lo himself said he was “proud” of the girlfriend, telling one user: “I think I fell in love with her and I’m gay.”

It comes after a TikToker over in the US warned against getting matching tattoos with loved-ones after her best friend – with whom she got inked – allegedly had an affair with her husband and took over her “entire life.”

In sum, when it comes to getting inked, think very, very carefully.

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