TikToker warns against getting matching tattoos with friends after BFF steals husband

<p>TikToker Nikki explained why she deeply regrets getting a tattoo with her former BFF</p>

TikToker Nikki explained why she deeply regrets getting a tattoo with her former BFF


We all know tattoos come with an element of risk.

How many couples have broken up after inking each other’s names indelibly on their bodies, for example?

But it’s not just romantic tributes you might live to regret, as one TikTok users has pointed out.

In a clip posted to the platform, she explained why she deeply wishes she’d never got a matching tattoo with her best friend.

The woman, called Nikki (who goes by the username stressymessydepressymama), explained that getting inked with your BFF is only cool until… she “has an affair with your husband, takes over your entire life and starts raising your children as if they’re her own.”

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Her painful revelation came in response to a question posed by another TikToker: “What’s a mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help others avoid?”

Nikki’s candid reply has been watched more than 1.3 million times since it was posted on Saturday, with thousands of viewers sharing their horror at the situation.

“I was waiting for the ‘just kidding, this is the plot of my new novel’,” wrote one.

“Girl, you deserve so much better,” commented another.

While another admitted: “I did this to my BFF. And I’ll say this, I regret it all. If your ex BFF doesn’t then she’s sick. It’s my biggest regret losing her and ruining her.”

Other users were desperate to know more about the circumstances surrounding the fall-out.

Nikki responded to viewers’ requests for more details on what happened

In a series of follow-up videos, Nikki explained that she and her husband had been in a “semi-open relationship”, so whilst he didn’t have permission to “date other girls”, he had been able to sleep with other people.

“My only rule was no close friends,” she continued.

She then confirmed that she has shared custody of her daughter and stepson, but finds it painful that her ex-friend “is still in their lives and continues to be in their lives.”

“It’s not been the easiest thing to deal with or overcome,” she added.

She went on to explain that the pair had been BBFs for 11 or 12 years – so “basically half my life” – when the betrayal occurred.

“She wasn’t just a close friend, she was my closest friend,” Nikki said.

The inked dedication read ‘you keep me wild’ and ‘best friends forever’

Inevitably, people wanted to see the shared tattoo, so she posted a clip of the special message the pair designed.

In a close-up of her foot she showed, the words: "You keep me wild", with the morse code for “best friends forever” written underneath.

All we can say is, it might be time to start saving up for laser removal…

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