Woman saved after shop shutter lifts her into air

Woman saved after shop shutter lifts her into air
Woman saved after shop shutter lifts her into air
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An elderly lady was left dangling upside down after her coat got caught in the security shutters outside a convenience store.

The woman was captured on CCTV as she was standing outside her local Best One shop waiting for it to open. But, as the electric shutters started opening up shop, the back of her jacket got caught.

The pensioner didn’t let go of her shopping trolley bag.

Kennedy News and Media

She was marooned hanging for an agonising 12 seconds before a shop worker dashed out to her rescue.

He grabbed hold of her body and lowered her to the ground and appeared shaken, but unharmed.

The mishap happened outside the Best One shop in Tonteg, near Cardiff, South Wales yesterday (4 Mar) at 7:53am.

Locals soon commented on the unfortunate blunder, with one writing: “Thankfully, it had a happy ending. And she has something funny to tell her grandkids.”

Katie Towers-Hesketh added: “Why did see what was happening and choose to find her trolley instead of freeing herself? And sod the trolley?"

Yet Chantelle Owell joked: “I’ve only ever witnessed this on cartoons.”

Another quipped: “Popped to the shop this morning, you'll never guess what happened...."

One, called Andy, said: “These needs the ‘You raise me up’ song.”

Muneeb added: “She didn't let go of her bag.”

Best One has been approached for comment

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