The Pain Behind Ghosting and What to Do When They Haunt You ...

To tip or not to tip?

Usually, people on the internet are pretty adamant about making sure everyone realizes the importance of tipping your waiter at a restaurant. So much so, if it's not common sense already, it's basically guaranteed that you'll be put on blast for not doing so.

But a new viral TikTok video has caused an unexpected debate. TikTok user @princessneeyyneeyy says she was served at a Texas Roadhouse by a man who—get this—had ghosted her. The horror!

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In the end, she didn’t leave him a monetary tip, though she did give him a tip about messing with women and left a note thanking him for blocking her on Snapchat.

Sorry, Matt 😬 #fyp #viral #petty #ghosted #blocked #texasroadhouse #notip


Sorry, Matt 😬 #fyp #viral #petty #ghosted #blocked #texasroadhouse #notip

Sorry, Matt 😬 #fyp #viral #petty #ghosted #blocked #texasroadhouse #notip

"When the guy who ghosted you is your waiter lunch,” the text overlay read.

In the video, she shared her receipt which was a $33.53 bill, and wrote “0” on the tip line. “Don’t come for me,” Sydney wrote in the video's text overlay. “I usually tip but I’m petty.”

Ghosting someone is a universally agreed-upon sh*tty thing to do—so is not tipping. So in the comments, people were split on whether the TikTok user should be applauded or not.

“I would’ve asked for a new waiter, then gave them a good tip,” user @brookejohnston2 commented. “Show them what they missed out on.”

“I woulda left,” another user wrote.

“The tip would be to grow a set and tell people how you feel instead of blocking people,” one added.

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