Two years ago, nutritionist Sydne Newberry left a comment below a recipe for brownies on the New York Times - That might seem like an innocent enough thing to do, but it rapidly became one of the most popular short stories on the site.

Sydne, who's from Los Angeles, explained in a single paragraph how she used a particularly amazing brownie recipe all the time. This recipe was the envy of all, including a good friend of her's based in Germany.

Being a kind soul, Sydne passed on the recipe to this acquaintance, but she could never get it to work.

What allegedly happened next was rather dramatic turn of events... She wrote:

This has been my go-to brownie recipe for 30 years.

In the ’80s, an acquaintance in Germany to whom I brought some of the brownies, and who considered herself a great cook, asked for the recipe but was never able to get it to work. She kept asking me what she was doing wrong and I was never able to solve her problem. Eventually, she moved to the U.S. and stole my husband!

The Cut reached out to Sydne, whose comment is still doing the rounds online, two years later. And this is what they uncovered.

Sydne first met the other woman, let's call her Jane, (as she remains nameless throughout) when her then-husband was on duty in Germany with the Air Force. She cooked everyone brownies (her husband was friends with Jane's then-husband).

Jane asked for the recipe, and after much back and forth, she insisted Sydne had “purposely left something out of the recipe”.

Three years on, Jane visited Sydne and said she’d broken up with her husband.

A few weeks into her visit, a neighbour stopped Sydne and asked if she minded that her husband was “fooling around” with Jane.

Sydne told The Cut:

I didn’t actually believe the neighbor until a week or so later, I came home and caught the two of them. The woman hightailed it back to Germany, I went to stay with a friend and gave my husband an ultimatum.

He said he wanted to stay married to me, but then he immediately headed back to Germany for another ‘business’ trip! I took the opportunity of his absence to move out.

Fortunately there is a happy ending: Sydne has since remarried.

And her new husband reportedly loves her brownies.

HT: The Cut

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