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Get ready for an epic tale of heartbreak, hope and a really good night out. Yep, this story has got pretty much everything.

A Florida Uber driver, who calls herself La Loba on Twitter, says she picked up a passenger and asked her how she was.

She explains that the passenger, Leah, broke down in tears saying she had flown all the way from Texas to meet a guy who had stood her up.

Instead of reacting with a sympathetic nod before dropping her off - as many probably would - La Loba says she invited Leah on a night out with her pals.

They took their roles as protectors pretty seriously.

Leah opened up more about the guy - and it didn't sound good.

But they were still set on having fun in Florida.

Even if things did get a bit intense after an emotional day.

The guy turned up again but they were having none of it.

Leah ended the day safe and snug.

And - despite her date's efforts - left Florida with some great friends.

Now, who's going to make this beautiful tale of friendship into a movie?

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