<p>TikToker Lex records the moment she turned up catch her flight home, only to realise her flight was booked for next year</p>

TikToker Lex records the moment she turned up catch her flight home, only to realise her flight was booked for next year


A woman’s holiday has lasted longer than she anticipated after she turned up at the airport to catch her flight home, only to find out she accidentally booked her plane ticket for NEXT YEAR.

TikToker Lex (@simp4beanz) shared her dilemma as it meant that she was now stuck in Croatia, unable to get a flight home to the UK.

You can watch the TikTok video in full here.

Sharing a TikTok of herself at the airport with her suitcase, she wrote in text on the video: “As if I’ve just got to the airport at 6am and my flight turns out to be booked for next year.

Panning the camera around to her face, Lex covers her mouth with her hands in shock.

“Good f***ing night,” she adds.

In the caption, she wrote: “EasyJet acc been doing me dirty man wtf.”

Since sharing her debacle, her video has gone viral on TikTok gaining 1.7m views, over 380,000 likes, along with thousands of comments

One person joked: “I understand you need to be at the airport two hours early but a year seems a bit too early xx.”

“Girl are you okay? I’d be having a mental breakdown right now,” another person asked.

To which Lex replied: “If it weren’t for the mosquito that keeps trying to attack me I’d maybe process it all but all I can do right now is laugh.”

Someone else commented: “Girl, I thought you meant you was [sic] in England at the airport and just got the dates wrong. I didn’t realise you was [sic] STUCK IN CROATIA.”

Again, Lex responded: “Oh yeah no I’m stuck stuck, spent the last of my money on the taxi to the airport as well.”

An easyJet airplane is parked on the tarmac of Split International Airport in Split, Croatia, on August 21, 2020AFP via Getty Images

She also detailed how she accidentally booked her flight for next year, and wrote: “They cancelled twice and let me change to day before/after and all of a sudden they’re now next year ffs.”

Meanwhile, others weren’t convinced with Lex’s story and didn’t believe customers could book flights up so far in advance.

One person wrote: “Impossible. Can’t book flight more than a year in advance.”

“Huh??? I didn’t know you could book flights that early” another person said.

Well, according to the EasyJet website you can as it allows British holidaymakers to book flights to Croatia up until September 2022.

Lex hasn’t uploaded another video since her flight fiasco went viral, so hopefully she was eventually able to catch a flight home.

Though an update may come soon as she recently wrote in the comment section: “GUYS I’LL UPDATE SOON SORRY I RAN OUT OF DATA LMAOOOO.”

A spokesperson for EasyJet told Indy100: “We are sorry to hear that Ms Portman Andrews incorrectly booked her flight for next year. Our team has been in touch to offer assistance with transferring the flight and as she had already made alternative arrangements, we are refunding her incorrectly booked flight as a gesture of goodwill.

“We’re currently offering all customers the flexibility to transfer to another flight with no change fee up to two hours before departure. Changes can be made quickly and easily via easyJet.com or the mobile app.”

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