'Woman makes a scene in restaurant after catching her partner cheating with ...

Two women disguised themselves as men to spy on their pal’s boyfriend, suspected of cheating inside a club.

British content creator Megan Pollicott took to her TikTok to share a video of her incognito investigation, in which she was accompanied by her friend known only as Maddie.

“We dressed up as boys to spy on our mate’s boyfriend at the club,” Pollicott captioned her clip, which has more than 2.7 million views at the time of writing.

The novice detective started out her video with a selfie so viewers would know what she looks like in her daily life.

Pollicott can be seen with sleek dark long hair, thick lashes, and a plump pout.

Afterwards, the video jump cuts to a photo of Pollicott and her friend Maddie dressed in disguise, sporting hoodies and hiding their hair with the help of hats.

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The pair also layered up with winter coats and loose-fitting men’s jeans so people wouldn’t notice their curves and discover that they were on a mission.

Focusing on the details, Pollicott’s friend also wore men’s underwear, letting her jeans hang low so that the Calvin Klein waistband was on full display.

Their mission seemed to be fruitful as the duo could maneuver around nightclub camouflaged.

The disguises were also pretty spot on to the point that the friends said they attracted the attention of other females on the dance floor.

However, Pollicott didn’t reveal if she was able to catch her friend’s boyfriend cheating inside the club.


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Despite this, viewers didn’t seem to mind that there was no footage of the operation and were simply happy that the dynamic duo were dedicated enough to help their pal.

One wrote: “Every girl needs friends like you.”

“Brilliant! Where do I sign up to be your friend[?],” another added.

A third joking wrote: “The way boys are going to be paranoid after this one.”

Someone else added: “I WANNA DO THIS, HAHA.”

In a subsequent video, Pollicott said that although her and Maddie’s disguise was pretty good, they weren’t able to fool everyone.

She admitted that they had to show their IDs to the bouncers outside the club before entering, and the doorman realised that they were playing dress-up.

The bouncer knew of the two because they were regulars at the club and decided to let them into the venue in their garb.

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