Woman claims that she knew her fiancé was cheating just from his ...

One incredibly subtle observation led one woman to believe her fiancé was having an affair – and she was correct.

In a clip that has been viewed a staggering 622,000 times, the self-proclaimed "cancelled wedding concierge", @diybreakup, shared her intuitive red flag.

"The moment I should have known my ex-fiancé was cheating on me was the moment he started kissing me differently," she declared, adding: "I remember it so vividly."

The woman explained how "something felt different, like he was a stranger" when he kissed her one night. She candidly confronted her fiancé was that was which he instantly shut down, telling her she "was being paranoid" and that she "was looking for reasons to get mad at him."

"But I should have known better because you don't just wake up one day and start kissing differently."

"The kissing style doesn't change, the kissing style only changes when you are kissing a different person, so I should have known better."

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Thanks for the memories #fyp #redflags #redflag #cheating #breakup #narcissists


Thanks for the memories #fyp #redflags #redflag #cheating #breakup #narcissists

Thanks for the memories #fyp #redflags #redflag #cheating #breakup #narcissists

The viral clip was inundated with comments of support and similar experiences.

Many highlighted the power of intuition: "A women's intuition is usually spot on," one said.

While another said," 'I should have known better' why do we always take accountability when they can't."

One TikTok user said they were "shocked" at their own experience, having looked back and "all the signs were there." She added: "I was just so blindly in love I chose not to see it."

"Also when they start using different phrases when speaking to you," another commented. "They start to copy how the other person expresses themselves."

While a last person picked up on their ex-partner's style habits: "I knew he was talking to other girls when his txting style changed. I picked up on subtle differences."

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