Women-only parking garage sparks debate after being highlighted in viral TikTok

Women-only parking garage sparks debate after being highlighted in viral TikTok

A viral TikTok of a designated female-only parking space has sparked concern online after people claimed it “made safety concerns worse.”

Natasha Gallier (@natashagallier) shared a glimpse of the multi-storey car park in Perth, with a text overlay that read: “Don’t know if we should be happy or scared there’s a female-only parking with security.”

The clip, which has racked almost half a million views, shows pink painted walls and signs guiding drivers towards “female parking.” There are also “female-friendly” bays that advise drivers to “kindly reserve this bay for female drivers.”

The City of Perth started to trial female-only parking bays back in 2016, according to WAToday. They piloted the concept for 28 days to “determine demand” for the service. They said men wouldn’t be fined for using the bays, but were “encouraged to support” the trial.

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The clip was inundated with comments concerned about safety, with some users suggesting that female-only areas make them an easier target. “I would not use this,” one said. “It just tells creeps where to creep.”

Another “scared” user shared that they would feel “safer in the normal one.”

Others highlighted that while the city’s intention was there, it lacked execution. “Intentions are there, but I feel like this almost makes it worse”, they said. One innovative user suggested that they should have implemented a “secret code” for women to park on a designated floor.

“I sincerely hope no one can get in or out without being seen and approved by a security guard”, another user commented, to which the TikToker responded, “They can, it’s a multi-storey car park.”

“The fact that this even needs to be a thing says a lot”, another added.

Indy100 has reached out to the City of Perth Parking and Natasha Gallier for comment.

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