A viral challenge is leaving people nostalgic for Woolworths

A viral challenge is leaving people nostalgic for Woolworths
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As an established journalist and broadcaster, Jeremy Vine is known for asking questions, but, this weekend, one question around reviving a former high-street brand has led to people sharing their memories of Woolworths.

Taking to Twitter with the challenge, Mr Vine shared an image of four defunct chains – KwikSave, C&A, Woolworths and Blockbuster – with text above it saying “you have to choose one to bring back”.

“I know the answer but I want you to tell me,” he added.

The presenter is yet to reveal what he considers the right answer, but for many, that would be Woolworths.

The popular and much-loved brand – famed for its Pick ‘n’ Mix – closed its final stores in the UK in 2009 after going into administration. This Woolies is not to be confused with the chains in Australia and New Zealand, though, which are managed by different companies and are just not the same.

More than a decade after the doors to Woolworths shut for the last time, people are still keen to see it make a high street comeback:

We can only dream of its return. One day.

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