What is the Wordle answer for 10 May?

What is the Wordle answer for 10 May?
Does Playing Wordle Make You Smarter?
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Wordle has made its way into everybody's morning ritual since its launch late last year.

If you happen to be new to the game, the premise is simple. You have six chances to try and guess the five-letter word (there is a new one each day).

A green square indicates that you have discovered a correct letter in the right location.

A yellow square means you have guessed a correct letter, but it's not in the right location.

A grey square means that the letter isn't in the word at all.

Before we reveal all, we’ll give you a hint: a type of lizard.

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Today's answer is "GECKO", a nocturnal and often highly vocal lizard.

Didn't guess today's word? Then don't worry. There is always tomorrow!

In the meantime, check out our picks for the 17 best Wordle alternatives.

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