17 of the best alternatives to Wordle

17 of the best alternatives to Wordle
Wordle fans accuse the New York Times of making viral game 'too ...

Wordle has the internet in a chokehold.

The daily game, which The New York Times recently bought, asks users to find a five-letter word in six guesses. Sound hard? Luckily there's some helpful clues...

If a square turns green it means you have got a letter absolutely correct. If it turns yellow it means it is the right letter but you'll need to try and put it in a different location, and if it turns grey? Forget about it!

There's only one Wordle a day which is nice in creating a community of people all playing the same quiz and it at least reminds people what delayed gratification looks like, but now people are hooked on word games and can't get enough.

So, some people have jumped on the trend and created some fun alternatives to Wordle and we, your quizzing servants, have rounded up 17 of the best of them:

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One word too easy? Well Quordle makes users guess four five-letter words simultaneously.

It may be fiendish but at least players have nine, instead of six chances to guess the words.


And if four is too many, try Dordle where you guess two words simultaneously. Every guess applies to both secret words and you get seven chances to crack the quizzes.


A parody of Wordle, Letterle get people to guess just one letter instead of a tricky word. To be fair, it could be any one of 26 letters so its not exactly easy.

Custom Wordle

As its name suggests, this version of the game allows you to make your own Wordles and send them to friends to complete.


In Absurdle, the game aims to last as long as possible by using each of your guesses against you by generating answers with the least number of similarities to your guess. To win, youhave to chase Absurdle into a corner to the point where there is only one possible secret word left.

Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is basically the same game as Wordle, except it gives people... unlimited guesses when finding the mystery word. That should make things a bit easier, then.

Wordle Archive

Similarly, if you've missed a few days and want to catch up - there's a whole archive of old Wordles you can do to pass the time.


Geography more your thing? Then Worldle is your best bet and you can see what they did there, can't you? In the game, players are given six chances to guess the name of a country after being shown a map outline.

After each guess, players are shown the distance, directions, and the proximity of their guess in relation to the correct country.


If you are more of a numbers person than letters, then fair enough. This game gets you to guess a five-digit prime number instead of a five-letter word. Ouch.


Sometimes Wordle games are so hard they make you want to shout and swear. Like today's for instance.Who has even heard of the word that was the answer?

Anyway, if you are a fan of rude words Sweardle is the game for you as every secret word a user needs to guess is a swear word.

Freelance writer Stuart Houghton unveiled the sweary version on Twitter in January:


Similarly, Lewdle is a version of the game that only accepts 'lewd' guesses for people wanting to make their quizzes a bit more cheeky.


And Queerdle gets people to guess a word - between four and eight letters- related to the LGBTQ+ community.

Star Wordle

There really is a Wordle for everything. This version gets people to guess words related to the Star Wars franchise, like "saber".


And this is one for Taylor Swift fans. Previous answers have included song titles such as "style" and "peace".


There's even one for cycling fans. Each answer is the name of a famous cyclist.


We think you can guess the premise of this version, too...

Lordle of the Rings

And this one.

We think that is quite enough for you all to be getting on with but we are sure as Wordle's popularity increases, more and more versions of the game will pop up soon enough.

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