Love Wordle? Then try Worldle - the new game for geography lovers

Love Wordle? Then try Worldle - the new game for geography lovers
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If you’ve had your fill of the viral brainteaser Wordle, there’s now a new version of the game for geography lovers.

Similar to the original, Worldle players are given six chances to guess the name of a country after being shown a map outline.

After each guess, players are shown the distance, directions, and the proximity of their guess in relation to the correct country.

On the website, the creator credits Wordle creator Josh Wardle and said he was heavily inspired by the game.

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Since sharing the game at the end of January, the creator was delighted to see that over half a million people tried it out yesterday.

The game has become a big hit on Twitter:

Another Worldle country is generated each day, but if you crave another geography challenge there is another one you can enjoy.

Globle is a little different in that you can click around the world and use it to help your guesses.

You’re not given any clues at first, and must start typing in country names to see how close you are to the right answer.

These games are certainly a good way of jumpstarting your brain in the morning.

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