Worker explains why retail is 'literally the worst job'

Worker explains why retail is 'literally the worst job'
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A woman on TikTok spoke on her experience working in retail, explaining why it’s “literally the worse job.”

Bekkii Vosper, who goes by @deebekksta on the platform, posted a sketch that touched on some of the supposed unreasonable expectations she faced while on the job.

At the beginning of the video, Vosper “wakes up” to a call from her “manager.”

“Where are you? It’s your regional manager; where are you?” the pretend “manager” said on the other line.

Vosper, who is embodying the role of the store manager, tells the regional manager it’s 7am.

At that time, the regional manager told her that she was at the store and noticed that it was closed and that this would reflect “really poorly” on them as a business.

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“There is nobody here to open your store. You do realise that we get a $30,000 fine if they find out if we’re not opening at the correct training hours you know that, right?” the regional manager said.

When Vosper asked why she needed to be at the workplace at 7am, the regional manager said she had sent her a message at 9:30pm, telling her she would be at the office.

Vosper explained that text messaging is not the best form of communication and that she was “asleep” at that time, so she missed the message.

She also said she doesn’t “answer the phone” once the working hours are complete because she’s “not being paid” and doesn’t feel it necessary to do “external work outside of work.”

Eventually, the regional manager told her to “help” her out for the day and “open the store.”

“I can’t do that ’cause it is actually my … day off, and I have my son, so I need to get him ready for daycare. I can’t do that. I’m sorry,” Vosper said.

That didn’t seem to be enough for the regional manager, who said that it was her “responsibility” as a manager to be available for situations like this.


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People took to the video’s comment section to share similar experiences they faced in retail.


“I will never forget that a retail manager told me ‘you need to choose between work and your university” ermmmm…..easy,” another added.

A third wrote: “Retail is literally the worst job. It’s like serving with no tips.”

Vosper saw the comment and said: “Honestly, soul-crushing, tbh.”

Vosper also shared follow-up videos that speak on the other plights retail workers experience, including being judged for calling out sick for having to call out sick.

According to research from UKG that Businesswire shared, 36 per cent of retail stores had to adjust their store hours in 2022 as a result of insufficient staffing.

And 19 per cent said their stores were understaffed at least half of the time in August.

Indy100 reached out to Vosper via TikTok comment.

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