Woman discovers her job could be at risk in worst possible way

Woman discovers her job could be at risk in worst possible way

A woman has turned to TikTok after reportedly finding out her job is at risk in the most unexpected way possible.

Amanda Viveiros (@amanda_viveiros) frequently shares work outfit clips on the platform, racking up thousands of likes in the process.

However, in one clip she discovered that the very store she works at will be "shutting down soon" via a notice behind the till.

"Pov u walk into work and they tell you the stores closing in a week," she penned as the text overlay.

She shows a notice displayed on the desk, before questioning "what now?" in the caption.

The clip was soon flooded with concerned TikTokers asking which store it was, with many more claiming their branch is also shutting in weeks to come.

"Head office asked me if I like my job and I said yes," one person claimed. "An hour later told me they were closing the store."

Another alleged: "LOL this happened to me except it was a month's notice."


what now 🤷‍♀️#americaneagle

It comes after one Gen Z TikToker hit back at 9 to 5 work culture, and inevitably, many people supported his take.

"Whoever designed society, I think they designed it wrong! You know, they designed it with flaws," he shared.

Instead, he pitched the idea of a 9 to 2 society, which he called "perfect."

"Five hours a day, I get that fulfilment, I'm achieving my goals – but then 2pm onwards is party time," he continued. "Two, on a nice day, I get to go to the beach. On a bad day, I get to go home and make a nice, hearty meal – and spend the night watching a movie."

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