Flight attendant explains what happens when someone dies on a plane

There are any number of things about flying that can ruin a holiday before you even get there.

Obnoxious passengers, poor service, bad food, loud noise… you name it, it can happen.

For one frequent flyer, though, the very worst thing he ever experienced was someone kicking their chair throughout the journey, and they’ve taken steps to avoid it ever since.

Writing on escape.com.au, John Burfitt discussed his biggest pet peeve on flights, and revealed how he always picks technically the ‘worst’ seat so it never happens again.

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What classes as the ‘worst’ seats? They're the ones on the very back row, right next to the toilets.

While the thought of sitting there might put some people off, he argues it’s actually the best place to be.

What's the best place to be on a flight?Creative Commons

He described the journey he spent with his seat being kicked in the piece, before walking to use the bathroom and realising he’d been choosing the wrong seats all along.

"In that instant, I decided the back row would be the only place I would sit on a long flight from now on," he wrote.

"Sure enough, on my next flight, I booked into the back row of the cabin and, even better, my seat was the one right next to the window.

"As I nestled into that corner, I discovered what true airline love is about. I had just found the best seat on the plane."

It’s not just Burfitt that attests to the rear seats, either.

As pipeaway.com claims, passengers are more likely to get extra room and even a whole row to themselves if they select the back row as fewer people choose to sit there.

Families are often seated elsewhere on the plane, too, meaning people looking to avoid children are more likely to do so at the rear of the plane.

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