How to write 'Korn' on your phone with a backwards R

How to write 'Korn' on your phone with a backwards R
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Fans of the nu metal band Korn have finally found a loophole to achieve their signature backwards "R", proving dreams really can come true.

The "R" was inspired by retailer Toys R Us, where one of the band members had worked. Vocalist Jonathan Davis then designed the logo. "The music makes the name because Korn's a dumb name. But once we get established, it makes the name cool," drummer David Silveria said.

The band name, on the other hand, was birthed from a NSFW encounter at a party.

People have been frantically trying to figure out how to type out the band name on a phone. There have been tweets, with one reading: "Here is the backwards “Я” for you to copy and paste. This will make it easier for you to talk about koЯn."

There have even been Reddit threads dedicated to the cause.

It turns out it's incredibly simple:

  1. Settings > General > Keyboard, toward the bottom.
  2. Tap “Keyboards” near the top.
  3. Add New Keyboard > Add Ukrainian, Russian, or Bulgarian.
  4. When typing a text, tap the globe symbol at the bottom to access the Ukrainian keyboard.
Android users can also join in by downloading the Gboard app. Go to System > Languages and Input > Keyboards > Virtual Keyboards. Then tap Gboard > Languages. Add a new language, pick Ukrainian, and click done.

Or, you could copy and paste.

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Korn's James "Munky" Shaffer recently opened up to TMZabout being sober for over a decade, saying: "it's hard to say no still."

Earlier this month, the news outlet asked the guitarist whether touring gets to him. Shaffer responded: "It can. I've struggled with my own addictions and mental health. It's fucking hard, and you get out there and you get a lot [of] enablers."

He added: "Especially if you deal with addiction, you have that tendency to want to go and do that. But like me, I've been sober 12 years — it's hard to say no still. Even like, 'Aw, let's go — we're gonna go to the hotel lobby and party.' Man, I'm going to go to bed."

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