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Depending on how much you like roasted vegetables, turkey, various condiments and sherry, then Christmas dinner is easily the best thing about Christmas Day.

There aren't any defined rules on what you can have on your plate on the dinner table on Christmas afternoon, but a debate has been sparked this year about an item that no one seemed to have batted an eyelid about before.

We are talking about Yorkshire puddings and whether they belong on a Christmas dinner. On the surface, they seem like a good addition to any roast, yet Christmas dinner is a different kind of meal, full of food that you wouldn't eat for the remaining 364 days of the year.

A huge debate has erupted on social media in the past few weeks over these fluffy pastries and no one can come up with a definitive answer.

Strange, it's not like Britain to be this divided over such an important issue.

While the debate doesn't look like it's going to get solved online, we have some bad news for the folks who subscribe to the idea that the puddings should be on the Christmas dinner table.

According to theBBC America's Anglophenia a traditional Christmas dinner should feature roast turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, stuffing, pigs in blankets, sprouts and gravy and not a Yorkshire pudding insight.

However, this doesn't include vegetarian or vegan options, and also misses out great condiments like bread sauce and cranberries. And who can forget cauliflower cheese?

And the end of the day, it's Christmas, so eat whatever you want and remember to just have fun and spread that festive cheer.

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