‘You sound like an idiot’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo lost for words at restaurant boss who bans vaccinated people

‘You sound like an idiot’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo lost for words at restaurant boss who bans vaccinated people

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo told a California restaurant owner that he sounded “like an idiot” on his show as he refused to serve would-be customers who are vaccinated.

Tony Roman, the owner of Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, has been getting notoriety recently for posting signs that tell people to prove that they are unvaccinated.

Roman is believed not to allow visitors to wear masks indoors and put up a billboard advertisement inspired by The Godfather film that reads, “Leave the mask, take the cannoli.”

On Wednesday night, Roman appeared on Cuomo’s CNN show, which resulted in a moment of idiocracy in which Roman cited his anti-vaccine route as “an IQ Test.”

“Like I say to people when they ask me if they’re so blinded with their rage and with their hate. I tell them, you know what? If you still don’t understand it, maybe we should put a sign up that says you’re too stupid to come into the restaurant,” he told Cuomo.

“I mean, it’s very simple. Just like I said, I think you figured it out. Am I right?” he continued.

As a result of this declaration, Cuomo was prompted to respond, “I don’t even know what you’re saying right now.”

Cuomo acknowledged that he and his family are vaccinated after Roman explained that he is not, at which time Roman brought up the perplexing “IQ test” connection once more.

Despite mainly targeting vaccines in his messaging, Roman says he’s taking a “pro-freedom stand,” not an anti-vax one.

Also, a “pro-freedom” posture ideal as broad as Roman’s seems to encompass the freedom to wear a mask, but who knows.

Cuomo then pressed Roman on his decision to refuse to assist his fellow humans in surviving the epidemic, prompting the restaurant owner to compare Covid-19 to both the common cold and the flu, as well as a reference to donning a “moon suit.”

All of this led to Cuomo directly labeling Roman an “idiot” as their conversation came to an end.

Just before Roman’s time on the show ended, Cuomo noted again that the situation “doesn’t make sense.”

”It really doesn’t. I gave you a chance to make the case. I wish you well; I hope your family stays safe.”

When Roman attacked Cuomo for not having “much to say” during their conversation, Cuomo agreed and explained why.

He remarked: “I mean, honestly, you sound like an idiot, so there’s not much to say.”

This example of ignorance being called idiocy elicited some creative responses on Twitter.

Check out those responses below.

In terms of vaccination rates in the United States, the CDC reported on Wednesday that only 49.4 percent of the population is fully vaccinated.

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