Woman posts TikTok video accusing Zara of profiling her as thief

Woman posts TikTok video accusing Zara of profiling her as thief
Unpaid labourers are 'slipping pleas for help into Zara clothes'

A woman is accusing Zara of profiling her as a potential thief after saying she experienced an aggressive security guard who confiscated her purchased merchandise and got in her face.

The woman, who goes by the name WunmiTheArtist on TikTok, posted two videos showing encounters between herself and two security guards who aggressively pursued her over a misunderstanding.

Wunmi said she was shopping in a Zara at Stratford Westfield in London when the security tag of an item she was purchasing set off an alarm leading security to question her.

The TikToker said she was trying to show the security guard her receipt but he "snatched my purchase out of my hand" and "threatened to not give me back my purchase and threatened to call the police."

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In the video, Wunmi can be seen trying to reason with the security guard who continuously steps toward her and acts aggressively because she is filming him.

"All the staff just stared as this man stepped into my face aggressively!" Wunmi wrote on her video.

Wunmi tried to call over staff to help settle the matter but the security guard continued to get angry over Wunmi taking her phone out to film him.

The video was posted on May 30 and has over 1.8 million videos.


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In a follow-up video another security guard steps in and continuously asks Wunmi to "calm down" to which she says the other security guard is the one who got aggressive.

Eventually a manager took the security tag off the purchased item but not without some verbal exchanges with the security guards.

Wunmi asked the second security guard to stop telling her to calm down and focus his attention on the other guard who she says got in her face.

Comments on the video indicate people are disappointed in the Zara security guard's behavior.

"u absolute queen, handled this so well i would’ve cried for sure, im so sorry this happened! this is acc so frustrating."

"[Zara] I don’t feel safe going to Zara if this is how your staff treat women."

"It’s the audacity of them telling you to calm down rather than checking their worker, sis you’re better person than me."

"This is not how security is supposed to behave."

In response to the video, a representative for Zara said, "Zara is committed to the highest standards of service for all our customers and we apologise to the customer concerned that in this instance we fell short. We are reinforcing our training and internal protocols for our colleagues to avoid this type of incident happening again in the future."

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