3 best at-home teeth whitening systems according to oral health specialists

3 best at-home teeth whitening systems according to oral health specialists
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Whiter teeth is on par with wrinkle-free skin, a perfect body, and soft, healthy hair when it comes to things folks are willing to drop thousands on to achieve. There are thousands of products on the market that promise these results, but are any of them truly worth it? Are they safe for your teeth?

We asked dental experts to weigh in on this topic and tell us which at-home whiteners they recommend for folks looking to brighten their smile without eroding enamel or otherwise damaging their very valuable chompers. Three experts got back with us including celebrity dentist Dr Mansour Zakhor who has worked with tons of celebrities and pop stars including Bebe Rexha and the Cheetah Girls, dental hygienist and oral health writer Kelly Hancock, and CEO of Dentaly.org, Max Harland. Continue reading to see which systems they love.

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Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

We first heard from Max, whose website Dentaly.org was formed in 2014 and focuses on providing all the best up-to-date information on dental health for professionals and those who want a clean and gorgeous smile alike. “If you’ve researched the best at-home whitening kits before, you’ve probably come across Snow,” Max tells us of this all-in-one system that comes with a year supply and a 30-day money back guarantee. He continues:

“Their kits are highly popular and there’s a good reason for that! It gives professional-looking results without the cost and inconvenience of visiting the dentist, and it does so in just nine minutes a day.”

Max also points out that the kits are made in the USA and contain a proprietary application system that protects your gums, making the system a safe and effective way to lighten up your grin.


BURSTWhitening Bundle Plus

Kelly Hancock gave us our next suggestion, the BURST Oral Care Whitening Bundle which includes the brand’s sonic toothbrush, charging base and adapter, whitening strips, floss dispenser and bobbin, and other goodies to get new customers on the right track with the BURST system.

“In my professional opinion, the best teeth whitening kit is the BURST Oral Care Whitening bundle,” Kelly told us while breaking down her favorite highlights of the care kt. “I believe it is the best whitening kit because it includes what you need to whiten your teeth and then help them stay white.”

The kit’s focus on maintenance is key here, and BURST offers a subscription service that sends you replacements for your brush heads, floss, and strips every 90 days for a low cost, and different finishes in either the charming rose gold or traditional black options ($89.99 for versus $74.99) to help you personalize your dental hygiene routine.

Should you choose to try this out, Kelly also offers up her code FFERVX to curious readers. You can save up to 57% on select products using it at checkout, and read more of Kelly’s discoveries about oral health here.


KöR Home Whitening System

Lastly, we caught up with Dr. Zakhor between his busy schedule of bringing bright teeth to the stars. He suggests getting into the Kor Whitening system, which you must visit a dentist to obtain. Once a professional has recommended and used it on you, take-home kits are available for varying prices, but our research shows they start around $549 for the trays, gel, and other accessories.

"I recommend KÖR whitening,” he explains. “I use it on my patients, followed with the take home kits. My clients get the best results with KÖR. This whitening system breaks down intrinsic stains followed by removal of surface tar and discoloration.”

It’s hard to argue with advice coming from the man who takes care of Lil Pump and model Estrella Nouri’s teeth (just two of the names on a huge celebrity roster), so book an appointment with one of these dentists who carry the brand and check out the prestigious system yourself.

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