Amazon’s best deals for today, July 13th

Amazon’s best deals for today, July 13th

In addition to our regular roundups of top picks and favorite items, we want to show you the best deals out thereright now. Here are our favorite deals available on Amazon for a limited time only, so buy them now to save big before they’re gone!

Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool - Portable Kiddie Pool for Kids

Have you been on the hunt for a kiddie pool to keep on your yard or patio so you can escape the scorching temperatures and cool off outside?

This one from Lunaloo is perfect, and currently marked down nearly 70%! It’s portable and foldable, there’s no need for inflation (huge timesaver), and there’s a built in spiral drain that makes filling and emptying a breeze.

The bottom contains a slip-resistant material to keep you or your little ones from any tumbles, and there are actually three sizes available depending on your needs, starting at just $17.99.


Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness Smartwatch - Amazon Exclusive Color

A Fitbit is a great way to track your movements throughout the day while encouraging you to move more. If you haven’t jumped on board the fitness train inspired by this motivational piece of technology but want to, now’s the time as you’ll save $30 off the original price and receive your model in an Amazon exclusive color.

Some bells and whistles:

–track heart rate

–see your pace and distance during workouts with built-in GPS

–active zone minutes uses your resting heart rate to measure exertion and buzzes when you step up the intensity

–store and play music and podcasts on Deezer or Pandora, plus control Spotify from your wrist


DASH DMAF355GBRD02 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

We practically never shut up about air fryers (as you can see here, and here, too), but it’s for good reason! They cook frozen food to perfection, reheat leftover in a way the oven wishes it could, and make traditional frying obsolete with this healthy alternative.

This one from DASH has a three quart capacity for handling family-sized meals, an automatic shutoff mechanism to avoid overcooking, comes with a one year manufacturer warranty, and it includes a recipe book with access to a database that has endless arrays of snacks and meals to try with your new favorite kitchen machine.

Save $20 when you buy the DASH air fryer today in red or black.


Redragon K556 RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Aluminum Base, 104 Standard Keys

We love Redragon’s gorgeous keyboards designed for gaming (as we mentioned on Prime Day last month), so naturally we’re thrilled to see them back on sale today for 37% off their original price.

This keyboard is perfect for the office or gaming since it’s quieter than most standard models, and 18 backlit modes let you adjust the brightness and color scheme. It comes with a keycap puller for easy cleaning, and it has wide compatibility with many systems so it’s sure to fit your needs.

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