10 creative gifts for coffee lovers with great taste

Holiday latte art
Holiday latte art
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Looking for something unique and fun to gift the coffee lover in your life this year? We’ve searched high and low for fun, interesting gifts that tell the receiver you wanted them to have something a little more personalized than another gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or want to put together a whole coffee-themed basket, the options below for mugs, coffee makers, and even some snazzy bean earrings are a wonderful way to treat someone for the holidays. Read on to find something unexpected and sure to please, and check another name off your shopping list.

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Barista & Co Core All Grind - Black Electric Filter And Espresso Coffee Grinder

Core All Grind - Black Electric Filter And Espresso Coffee Grinder

It may seem like just an extra step to your morning routine, but grinding fresh coffee beans is truly a ritual more than worth the two minutes you'll spend performing it.

With this Barista & Co model, the process is super streamlined. The company sent one for us to test out, and the results were fantastic! Setup took less than five minutes to unbox and click all the pieces together before pouring in some beans and letting them grind for around 45 seconds.

Once finished, the grounds were ready for a french press, but the easy-to-adjust dial is also set up for finer grinding–there’s even a handy portafilter for espresso. Simply pour the ground beans straight into your maker of choice and you're ready for the best cup of your life.

The only drawback here is for American users, you'll need a power converter for the European plug. That's easily remedied by picking one up for under $15 at a drug store or on Amazon (like this 2-pack found here). Free shipping is available, even internationally, so you'll spare enough coins to offset the cost by a lot.

Package this together with some whole beans and a beautiful mug, and you've got a wonderfully cohesive gift that will work on a personal basis or come in handy for Secret Santa-type exchanges.

Barista & Co

Atlas Coffee Club Monthly subscription bag

Atlas Coffee Club

To go with that new grinder above, a monthly subscription to Atlas Coffee Club's exciting imports is truly superb.

Each box contains a curated pick of the world's best single origin coffees, a postcard from the country that grew that particular coffee with tasting notes and information, brewing tips, and personalized preferences like roast and grind type. On top of all that, the bags themselves are beautiful works of Southwest-inspired art that look fantastic sitting on any countertop.

Atlas Coffee Club

The Met Store Salvador Dalí Artist Mug

The Met Store\u2019s Salvador Dal\u00ed Artist Mug

While we've already chosen a few of our favorite mugs over here, there are endless options to choose from out there and we're here to show them to you.

This Dalí mug makes a terrific gift for any art lover who likes their morning cup with a heavy dose of surrealism (pair with our favorite David Lynch coffee here for a one-two punch). The sleek lines hint at the artist's iconic visage, and the unorthodox lip creates a unique drinking experience that can become familiar and comforting in no time for the drinker.

The Met Store

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

This one's an oldie but a goodie: the classic Mr. Coffee mug warmer.

No one likes to sip on room temperature coffee, so this is the perfect accessory to keep on a desk or nightstand that lets the drinker enjoy a perfectly piping cup of joe (or tea or cocoa) long after the initial pour. It's also sleek and modernized from its original clunky appearance of the nineties, making it the perfect update to give any coffee drinker who spends a lot of time at their desk.

Mr. Coffee

Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Drip Coffee Machine

Smeg Dolce & Gabbana Drip Coffee Machine

This is a very lavish gift for the discerning drinker who keeps up on trends of all kinds, including the Smeg D&G kitchenware line.

You’ll need deep pockets to snag this beauty, but the hand-painted effect on a cool seafoam backdrop is a masterful piece of usable art that elevates a countertop like little else can. The construction is simple yet sturdy, establishing a vintage feel you just can’t get with a more intricate machine. Spoil the label lover in your life with this stunning creation.


Coffee Pour-Over with Storage Set

Crate & Barrel Coffee Pour-Over with Storage Set

If pour-over coffee is more your style, this rustic set from Crate & Barrel is the ticket. Ash wood, steel, and ceramic lend a sophisticated touch to the practical kit, and the compact dimensions take up roughly the same amount of counter space as a standard electric drip machine. Mugs, beans, scoops, and all variety of coffee accoutrement can be stashed in the bottom drawer for a tidy look when not in use.

Crate & Barrel

Versace Medusa Studded Travel Mug

It’s bold, it’s sparkly, it’s supremely tacky in the most self-aware way possible: it’s Versace. When a scarf or bag won’t do for telling the world you have money and you’re not afraid to spend it, get the Versace jewel-encrusted travel mug and never take another sip without knowing you’ve truly exuded as much daytime opulence as possible.


12 Days of Pour Over Set Advent Calendar

Copper Cow Coffee\u2019s 12 Days of Pour Over Set Advent Calendar

You’ll be giving 12 days of tasty treats to one lucky giftee when you bundle up Copper Cow Coffee’s lovely advent calendar this Christmas. Flavors include four black coffees, one ginger, one lavender, two peppermint varieties, two pumpkin spices, and more, plus a few creamers to round things out. The gift box is reusable for future annual countdowns, too!

Copper Cow Coffee

Bodum Caffettiera French Press

The mechanics of this French press are fairly standard and come with a great under $30 price tag, but the design is fantastic thanks to the geniuses behind the Museum of Modern Art’s design store innovators who recreated a Bodum classic. It comes in two bold, whimsical color patterns that dress up any kitchen counter with a touch of vintage Portuguese charm.


Elsa Peretti Bean Design Earrings

When the coffee lover in your life already has the makers, roasts, and mugs they need, why not treat them to a fancy little addition to their jewelry box that honors their love for the caffeinated beverage? These Elsa Peretti earrings are adorable and nondescript enough to look like simple abstract earrings, but true coffee lovers will recognize the beloved shape of their favorite bean. They’re a petite 12mm wide and come in high-quality stainless silver.

Else Peretti for Tiffany
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