Gifts for goths: What to buy the person in your life who wears all black all the time

Gifts for goths: What to buy the person in your life who wears all black all the time
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Shopping for your friends and loved ones is already challenging around this time of year, but that goes doubly for when you’re trying to impress someone with esoteric tastes possibly unlike your own. Think your goth cousin or morbid best friend who would be less than thrilled with another colorful holiday sweater.

But here at Wishlist, we’re into the strange stuff, too, and thus can provide near-endless suggestions on how to please even the pickiest weirdos. Below you’ll find an array of creepy, clever, and rare gifts to wrap up neatly in shiny black paper for gifting your favorite goth this holiday. Whether you keep it simple with a fancy lipstick or bestow them with a romantic piece of taxidermy art, we know they’ll love something on this list.

Sisters of Mercy Back Patch

If they’re into goth, they almost certainly love the Sisters. Surprise them with a cool back patch they can sew to their favorite leather or denim jacket for a great DIY look.

The Cellar Patches

Derby New Square Crossbody Bag

It’s simple, sleek, and most importantly, bears the mark of punk fashion’s godmother, Vivienne Westwood. Surprise your favorite dark fashion enthusiast with a practical and luxurious gift this year.

Vivienne Westwood

Jiguzagu Long Sleeve Shirt

With a neckline worthy of Beetlejuice matriarch Delia Deetz, put a new spin on the “oh a sweater? You shouldn’t have” trope by getting them a sweater they’ll actually want.

Marigold Shadows

Dais Records Illustrated Coffee Mug

Dais Records is one of modern music’s best sources for darkwave, experimental, avant-garde, and otherwise underground music, so any self-proclaimed goth is surely familiar with and a fan of their artists.

The label, knowing how hard the separation of the pandemic was to the subculture’s community, worked with French artist Marlène Ciampossin to create the artwork seen here titled “The Concert” as tribute to the the shared experience of live music and dancing, and you can give it to someone in your life who loves that, too, with this affordable and unique coffee mug.

Dais Records

Unique Vintage Black Bat Wing Sunglasses

Goths and bats are one of history’s greatest matches. Combine this with the fact that everybody looks much cooler wearing sunglasses, and you have the perfect gift for someone who likes to lurk in the shade.

Unique Vintage

Twin Skull Double Ring

One of the goth subculture’s ultimate fixations is on the idea of blending death and romance, with a macabre sensuality that harkens back to Victorian times and the great gothic literature of the past. Think of Gary Oldman as Dracula telling a young Winona Ryder (playing Mina Harker), “I have crossed oceans of time to find you,” in 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Apply that singular romance to the jewelry you buy your darkly inclined beloved with this twin skull ring from the legacy house of dearly departed high-fashion goth, Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen

'Follow Me Into The Void' Sweatshirt

Wicked Clothes are for anyone who loves alternative or dark-themed clothing, and while this article is for those who Wear Black, we think they’ll enjoy the pop of color this intense long sleeve design (featuring artwork by Dakota Cates) provides.

Wicked Clothes

Bauhaus “The Passion of Lovers” Limited Edition Watch

Bauhaus practically (and actually, maybe, depending on who you ask) invented the genre, so there’s no chance the goth in your life won’t appreciate this stunning, special edition watch. Officially licensed and created for the band’s 40th anniversary, only 200 of these were made so buy now while you still can to ignite “The Passion of Lovers” in someone’s heart this Christmas.

Jewelry by Vannen

The Lost Boys Framed Canvas

Lost Boys is an undisputed classic, and likely the best vampire film of all time. Gift your vampire-loving friend this modern take on the classic movie poster already framed so they can display the art they love in their home and think of you when they see it each day.

Claro que si

Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick

Black lipstick is always in, especially when it’s as luxurious as this Gucci formula. Gift it to the elder goth in your life who appreciate finery and great packaging.


Killstar Coffin Medium Vase

What better to display your dried (or fresh, if you must) flowers than a coffin-shaped vase? Anyone with a dark aesthetic will appreciate this morbid upgrade to their home decor.


“Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace: The Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s” Paperback Edition

As the title suggests, this book is as close to an all-encompassing visual and oral history of the goth subculture in the 1980s as it gets. Interviews, photo essays, personal and professional snapshots behind the scenes, and discussions with actual goth community members are all included here, making this the perfect gift for anyone who loves post-punk music and the camaraderie to be found with those who share that love.

Andi Harriman, Marloes Bontje

Straight to Hell Bullitt - Black and Nickel Gloves

There’s no better way to look like the murderous villian of a giallo film than by donning a pair of slick leather gloves. The stylish biker cutouts and supple full grain sheep napa leather give them the look of a much more expensive pair.

Straight to Hell

Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou? ~ Taxidermy Art

Soul Perchers are the creations of one brilliant mind who takes ethically sourced materials–namely roadkill–and uses them to create whimsical, surrealist scenes that give life to a dead animal. While some are turned off by the idea of preserving a hide, skeleton, or body, many (I’m talking about plenty of goths here) feel comforted by honoring the dead in such a creative way.

This “Romeo” scene is visually arresting in its complexity, allowing two rabbits who passed from natural causes to live a second life inside this fantastical, Skakespearean vignette of two young lovers preserved in eternal youth. Gift to someone incredibly close to your heart to show them sacred love and devotion.

Soul Perchers

Demonia Camel-203 Boots

This style boot is one of Demonia’s best selling for many reasons: They’re comfortable, they look great with any pants, they’re easy to walk in and shockingly comfortable despite the height, and they’re under $100.


Centaurus Ring Set

This ring set from fantastic makers Little Rooms take Art Deco design and fuse it with a gothic black and silver color palette for a perfect daily wear set. It could even double as a wedding set if you’re on a budget!

Little Rooms

Adore 15" Renegade The Black Goat Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Spooky things and cuddly things are not mutually exclusive; treat the soft-hearted black sheep in your life to their very own Black Philip this season.

Adore Plush Company

Colourpop Blowin’ Smoke Shadow Palette

This is ColourPop’s definitive cool-toned palette for building a gorgeous smokey eye. Anyone who loves a dramatic makeup look will go gaga for it.


Eclectic Garden Soap - Raven

The is perhaps no more goth animal than the raven (bat lovers can fight me later), so its presence amid a nighttime scene on this beautiful soap smelling of jasmine and sandalwood is almost too beautiful to use–buy multiples to avoid that issue.

Eclectic Garden Soap

Mini Cathedral Necklace

Gothic architecture, a subtle nod to the moon, and a perfect silver and black color scheme are a consummate goth accessory dream in this piece by Nyxturna.

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