21 best Christmas gifts for all the women in your life this year

21 best Christmas gifts for all the women in your life this year
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Shopping for women can seem daunting. With millions of options out there fighting for your attention, we took the time to dig through some favorites and craft a guide guide that inspires you to buy the best possible gift for your wife, sister, mom, mother in law, and more this Christmas.

Whether she’s a glamorous queen with an eye for glitzy detail or just trying to get a strong caffeine fix every morning, keep reading to see if the woman you’re shopping for shows up on this list. When you’re finished here, make sure to check out our guide for the best gifts for dads over here and get inspired to gift your partner something sexy, too.

2021 HERITAGE Necklace with Pendant

Best for: Your vintage-obsessed partner

This stunning pendant is created from oxidized sterling silver and white mother of pearl in the tradition of Danish silversmith Georg Jensen’s original designs from the Art Nouveau period. It’s perfect for the casual jewelry wearer or serious collector who enjoy a vintage touch and timeless appeal, and each piece comes with the dated engraved on the back of the pendant to commemorate the passing of the years.

Georg Jensen

Bibliophile Ceramic Vase: Collected Curiosities

Best for: The bookish gal pal whose library already overflows

She doesn’t need more books, but she does need this vase that pays homage to her favorite quiet pastime while holding a fresh bouquet. It even has a fantastic quote from Louisa May Alcott on the back that states:

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”

Chronicle Books

Gloria Slip Dress

Best for: The wife you want to make feel sexy

To give her a truly luxurious lingerie experience, try Maylyn & Co.’s new Gloria Slip Dress in the company’s signature vegan Persian Lotus Silk finished off with delicate floral embroidery. Sustainability is key for Maylyn & Co., so buy for the eco-conscious shopper in your life.

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Maylyn & Co

Caboodles Rose Gold On The Go Girl

Best for: The elder millennnial who started wearing makeup when Great Lash was still cool

If you want to impress a lady who came of age in the late eighties or early nineties, try this reimagined, rose gold gilded, Ulta-exclusive Caboodle. It’s built with various storage compartments like the OG, and it looks great on any vanity or bathroom counter.


Inna Organic Sensitive Skin Set

Best for: Your “organic-only” friend

Skincare buffs will love Inna Organic’s set specifically formulated for those with sensitivity, and this gift set is the perfect way to help her pamper herself.

Inside she’ll find one Botanical Trio Ultra-soothing Face Lotion, one Pure Moisturizing Body Lotion and four Botanical Trio Ultra-soothing Face Masks, all ready to be used during a relaxing at-home spa evening. Pair it with a new robe or slippers (more on those later) to really drive home the relaxation theme.

Inna Organic

Botanica Oculta Tarot 78 +2 Extra Cards Deck Antique Edition

Best for: The plant witch in your friend group

If she’s interested in the occult or esoteric or she simply can’t walk past a plant shop without stopping in, gift her a set of tarot cards that render those obsessions in beautiful detail across a 78-card spread that comes with two bonus cards.

HTF4 Tarot

Flour Water Salt Yeast

Best for: Your aunt who’s really into The Great British Bake Off

Baking enthusiasts of all skill levels will appreciate this sophisticated guide to creating bread at home. From “rustic boules to Neapolitan-style pizzas” and everything in between, this book has everything the most basic bread makers and kneading geniuses alike can use to make deliciously doughy treats.

Penguin Random House

Owl’s Brew ParTea

Best for: Your stressed-out mother in law who just cooked for 20 people

If she’s health-conscious but still likes to relax with an adult beverage sometimes, give her the gift of Owl’s Brew ParTea. The New York-brewed beverage is a fun take on the seltzer trend using a blend of organic tea and botanicals to achieve a tasty final product that’s either low gluten or gluten-free depending on flavor. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer to open on Christmas Eve once the stress of wrapping gifts is complete.

Owl's Brew

Angel Aura Essential Oil Bottle Necklace

Best for: Your New Age practitioner who loves her oils

These tiny potion bottle necklaces are gorgeous on their own, but when filled with delicious smelling oils or perfume? They’re practically a stress-killing lifesaver. Buy the heart for someone who loves romance, the crystals for someone magical, or the traditional tiny perfume bottle for a precious gift this holiday season.

Moonlight Jewels Co.

Wyn Small Wallet With Paint Dab Floral Print

Best for: Your sister who flirts with cottagecore aesthetics

A Coach bag or accessory is always a sophisticated choice for gifting, and this wallet is the right size, price, and delicate print to please a wide range of receivers. The cream leather and dainty flowers will look great as she carries this into spring, and the card slots and folds offer plenty of organizational options.

As of November 30th, the wallet is marked down to $75 instead of its just $125!


NAF! Stuff Protect & Moisturise Kit

Best for: Germaphobes and moms with young kids

Help her keep her purse stocked on essentials with hand care essentials with this adorable, portable kit that includes:

–50ml Light Hand Cream in Pink Grapefruit Scent

–50ml 62% alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray

–50ml Hydrating Hand Care Mist

NAF! Stuff

RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat & Bluetooth Music

Best for: The high-powered woman who needs to relax

If she’s stressed out by a job involving looking at a screen for too long each day, treat her to this eye massager that alleviates strain and can soothe headaches using kneading, trigger point, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massaging. It even has Bluetooth built in so she can play relaxing music to enhance the experience.


Athena Necklace

Best for: The woman who has it all

Athena was the goddess of heroes, so show a strong lady in your life just what you think of her with this gorgeous golden medallion fit for a queen who is also a warrior.

Awe Inspired

Earthtones Magnifying Makeup / Shaving Mirror

Best for: Your most glamorous girlfriend

A hand mirror is much more reliable than using an iPhone camera to touch up lipstick, so treat the lady in your life to a fancy one with this Olivia Reigel magnifying mirror. She’ll feel that extra touch of glamour every time she reaches in her purse.

Olivia Reigel

Glasshouse Fragrances Lost In Amalfi Hand Duo Gift Set

Best for: That brunch frenemy who never shuts up about traveling

Just kidding–we all love seeing those Instagram reels from the Italian coast! Give her a gift sure to spark memories with this Amalfi-inspired fragrance set that comes with matching hand wash and cream.

Glasshouse Fragrances

Aromatherapy Bath Bomb Gift Set, 9-pack

Best for: The Mom who needs a spa day

Skip the same tired shower gel and hand lotion gift set from the mall and give her an indulgent set of fancy bath bombs that encourage rest and relaxtion with essential oils and sea salt.


Plus CBD Variety Pack

Best for: The anxious bestie who likes a natural way to relax

Plus has done the legwork for anyone interested in CBD by labeling and color-coding this variety pack with their respective modes: UPLIFT for energy, BALANCE for stabilizing your mood throughout the day, and SLEEP for a fantastic night’s rest. Delicious flavors include blueberry, grapefruit, and blackberry tea to coordinate with each edible’s purpose, making the experience even more enjoyable.


Airwrap™ Complete Styler Limited Edition Set

Best for: Your girlfriend with the luscious locks

For the woman who loves showing off a shiny head of hair, gift the coveted Dyson Airwrap. It’s perfect for all hair types, increases shine, minimizes frizz and the effects of damage, and it comes with storage and travel cases for neatly carrying around attachments.


Miffy Light and Humidifier

Best for: Your friend who loves hydrated skin and cute stuff

Hydration is wildly important for overall health, so buy this adorable humidifier for the lady in your life who loves to stay moisturized and relaxed. You can even add essential oils to boost the sensory experience!


Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Best for: Moms who need caffeine (aka most of them)

Why should she have to stand in line every morning waiting for caffeine when she can get a jump on things at home? It’s easy to use, attractive, and a surefire “wow” face when she’s opening this gift.

Uncommon Goods

Hilma af Klint - Altarpice No. 1 Goup X

Best for: The art school mom who loves visiting museums

Women have always gotten the short stick in the art world when held up to the standards of their male peers. Hilma af Klint, the likely mother of Western abstraction whose contribution to art has been brazenly under-appreciated, is a prime example of this double standard. Give your mom or partner a history lesson and stunning print of one of af Klint’s finest works when you buy this fantastic poster for her this Christmas.

Hilma af Klint
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