Halloween is coming! Here are the best spooky decor pieces you need in 2021

Halloween is coming! Here are the best spooky decor pieces you need in 2021
Apollo Box

It’s true that each year, stores seem to release holiday-themed collections earlier and earlier. For example, At Home, represented below, had Halloween items on shelves this year in June. June!

There are a few reasons for these premature onslaughts, though, including one that’s easy to find when you scroll through the YouTube or Instagram pages of avid collectors, enthusiasts, and influencers focused on the holiday. Folks like Jade The Libra (with whom we spoke last year), Aurelio Voltaire, Halloween Happy, and Midge Munster post their scouting and shopping adventures starting in the summer and for the months leading up to the big day, tens of thousands of followers join in the fun and often share their hauls with likeminded individuals in the Halloween hunting community–Etsy maker BooKimi even makes a patch for those who want to wear their hobby on their sleeve.

This rise in popularity can also be attributed to the increased collectibility of the items being released, as explained by Mark B. Ledenbach, the author behind HalloweenCollector.com. His “About” page outlines a brief history of Halloween collectibles and how, in 1995, books started to emerge on the topic and drove up prices on collectibles you’d find secondhand, eventually leading him to pen his own tome on the subject, Vintage Halloween Collectibles, now in its third edition.

Before this Halloween renaissance of sorts, items were more cheaply made and meant to be disposable. Die cuts were taped up then tossed out after the party; paper table toppers were stuffed into bins once Samhain dinners were done; wax candles were melted into disappearing pools to be scraped up and thrown out after trick-or-treat. Once folks tapped into the nostalgic delight of holding onto these items, manufacturers began to treat them more like Christmas-type heirlooms that could survive multiple generations of storage and use, and now the decor cornucopia overflows with creepy delights.

And so combining the two forces (better-made pieces and an increased presence in social media) gives you the rai·son d’ê·tre behind shelves stocked early, fun collections, and the rabid hunting down of key items each year, such as the current fixation on Bath & Body Works’ Halloween line (a bit more on that below) or the Rae Dunn craze that sees folks camping out in front of their local HomeGoods stores in anticipation of reselling the coveted holiday pottery.

Plenty of folks want in on the fun, but to them, participation in the rat race to be first and buy the most isn’t appealing. Thus we wanted to curate a list that highlights some of the year’s best pieces that can be conveniently delivered to your door without the hassle of lining up before a store opens just to ensure you get the piece you want.

We’ve tried to represent popular and more independent vendors alike, and be assured that this list will be updated with more and more items as October 31st approaches. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite Halloween decor piece, and as always...

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn a commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing, expert advice and our own research. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Black Cat Halloween Sofa Throw

We’re in love with this “hauntingly comfortable” throw blanket that’s great for Halloween but also nice to keep out all autumn long for maximum cozy and spooky vibes. It’s made from soft material and comes in various sizes, so you can match the blanket to your needs. It also makes an amazing pet blanket!

Apollo Box

The Color Changing Spooky Skull

Skulls are as necessary to Halloween as ghosts, witches, and vampires, so why not get one that’s enormous and lights up with color-changing eye sockets? You’ll be the hit of trick-or-treat with this guy on your porch.


Crate & Barrel Cauldron Large Serving Bowl

Serve a delicious creepy green or purple punch from this bowl at your Halloween party, an maybe even drop in a touch of dry ice to complete the illusion! Once guests have drunk up, slip some red and orange LED lights inside for an eerie glow.

Crate & Barrel

Suck UK Skeleton Hand Ring Holder & Dresser Organizer Holder | Jewelry Tree | Halloween Decorations | Unique Gifts | Earrings Necklace Bracelet & Ring Display, White

If you’re a seasoned Halloween decor hunter, you may be aware that Bath & Body Works released a spooky hand candle holder that has been thee hot ticket this season. Each store seemingly received one or two of the gorgeous hands, and they have been quickly snatched up and many placed on resell sites for five or six times the original price.

That’s where this gorgeous hand comes in to save the day: It’s similar to the B&BW option and costs around the same, has the same gorgeous white and gold detailing, and serves an even more useful purpose of holding your jewlery when not in use.

The bones throughout the hand are fully adjustable to suit your needs, and it comes in a lovely gift box should you plan to give one to another fellow spooky decor lover.

Suck UK

Coffin Mini Planter & Stand, Goth Succulent Planter Decor

Even those with less-than-green thumbs can keep a succulent alive, right? Well, if not, at least it will already be in the proper container when you plant your little friend in this coffin mini planter. There are multiple colors and sizes available starting at just $12.60 each.

Soothing Soul Decor

Halloween Glowing Luminary Globe

A great luminary is elemental for any spooky setup, and this one features all the silhouettes we know and love for Halloween: the flying witch on her broom, the tree with gnarled branches, the haunted house looming in the distance, bats, tombstones, and more. It even has an automatic timer set for six hours so you don’t have to fear it burning out if you forget to turn it off.

Plow & Hearth

Dapper Animal Halloween Salad Plates

They cute, classy, and they come in a variety of adorable animals in costumes so you can mix and match to your spooky heart’s content. Buy them now while they’re on sale for just $6.25!

West Elm

Blue Moon Tarot Mantel Scarf

Spirit has rolled out their Halloween Tarot line once more, and it’s high time you jumped on this stunning blue mantle scarf that brings a splash of mystic color into your decor scheme this season without relying solely on black and orange.

Spirit Halloween

ColorFill Bat Wall Shelf | Home Decor | Spooky | Halloween | Gothic | Crystal Display | Creepy Cute | Vampire

Fill this fun little shelf with knick knack, LED lights, crystals, or whatever else your heart desires to achieve the perfect mix of cute and spooky on your wall.

Zombie Krafts

Halloween-Vintage Cutouts (Set of 4)

It’s hard to beat the nostalgia of an old school Halloween vibe, and these gorgeous cutouts provide it well. Each are printed on both sides and measure 10.5 x 10.5 inches, making them ideal to hang in a window or framing, the latter of which will extend their lifespan so someday your kids and grandkids can enjoy them each year, too.


72 in. Animated King of the Underworld

Home Depot’s outdoor decor game continues to step up each and every year, and while everyone wants the 12 foot skeleton, it simply sells out too quickly to nab!

Alas, we are also quite in love with (or afraid of) this King of the Underworld with his glowing eyes and menacing scepter. This six foot bony king and animated mouth rotate on a strong base while he bellows to any trespassers, “Bow down!”

Home Depot

Enter if You Dare Archway Gates

At Home has really pulled ahead in the past few years in terms of early releases, fun lines, and quality products in the Halloween game.

A favorite of ours is this handsome gate built to look like the entrance to a grand cemetery. It’s sturdy and attractive, coming to us from the delightful Dark Decadence line, and will look great in your front yard when trick or treaters arrive this Hallow’s Eve.

At Home

Morris Costumes Haunted Doll with Sound

To some, there’s nothing creepier than a haunted doll perched devilishly on a mantle or shelf. Try this affordable one from Morris Costumes (free shipping for Prime members!) to scare up a great time in your haunted abode this season.

Morris Costumes

Nomnu Orange Felt Coffin Letter Board

This is exactly the type of message board you need for posting helpful, scary, or just plain fun messages in your home this fall (and all year, for some of us).

Leave reminders for your spouse or kids, announce something fun for guests, post useful affirmations to remind yourself each day to be present and have fun, throw up your favorite Sisters Of Mercy lyrics–the options are nearly limitless since you’ll receive an incredible 500 letters in a storage pouch in addition to hardware that lets you hang or prop this up wherever you like. It also comes in fun colors like pink, purple, red, and all black so you’re not limited to this black and orange Hallowee combo.


16pcs Halloween 3D Bat Wall Sticker

A simple spray of bats on the wall livens up any Halloween space. Try scattering them throughout your home in small groupings, and enjoy that you can buy several since they’re only $2 each!


Halloween Ghost Print Cushion Cover Without Filler

While it is a little sad on first glance, these lonely spirits are too cute to pass up, especially for just $3.


Boneyard Sorry We're Dead Fiberboard Hanging Sign, 9.5in x 13.5in

It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it will keep away any unwanted spirits (aka nosy neighbors) when you hang it on your front door.


Happy Halloween Embroidered Pillow

A lovely throw pillow is one of the finest ways to spruce up your couch or reading chair for the holiday, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a lovelier option than this orange velvet option. Just look at those cute little bats!


Place & Time Halloween LED Witch Wall Decor

We love a witch silhouette around here, and this one done up in marquee lights and traditional Halloween colors really catches our eye. Bonus: It’s already marked down 30%!

Place & Time

Set Of 2 Cat Pumpkin Holders With LED Eyes - Cat

Carving pumpkins is great, but leaving them in their natural state will help you keep them fresh longer. Dress them up by placing them in these cute-as-a-button black cat holders with light-up eyes!

Plow & Hearth

Aperiy Retro Pewter Logo Witch Old Salem Witch Halloween Logo Decoration Wall Bedroom Best Gift for Friends 12x16 inch

Whether you’ve visited Salem or are simply in the witch city state of mind, this gorgeous sign will bring a bit of spirit to your walls with its colorful illustration.


Lakeside Lighted Ceramic Halloween Tree Decoration - Battery Powered Accent

The Christmas-style Halloween decor trend has gained footing in the last couple of years, and these vintage-style ceramic trees are perhaps the best manifestation of it. These from target come in two different sizes so you can choose which best fits your space, and we think anyone will be charmed by the handsome little pumpkin sitting on top.


The Jabbering Jack O' Lantern

His face may look jolly in this particular photo, but this Jack O’ Lantern can say and emote a whole range of expressions. Watch this video to get a better idea of his range, and invite this cute guy into your home to entertain guests all season.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Peanuts® I Got a Rock Charlie Brown Halloween Ornament With Sound

If It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is on your yearly watch list, you need to add this keepsake ornament to your collection. The detail on Lucy’s face is worth it alone, but the commemoration of a perfect scene is something your family will appreciate for generations to come.


Place & Time Halloween Patterned Towel - Skulls

Adding a festive touch to the mundane chore of drying dishes or wiping down your counters is fun when you use a cute towel like this skull printed one. It also works great in as a hand towel in your spookily done-up powder room.

Place & Time
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