21 best online jewelry stores to browse for new baubles

Kelsey Chapman
Wednesday 10 February 2021 17:19
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We love jewelry around here, so we're constantly on the lookout for the newest and best online stores offering unique, fun, fairly priced, and appealing pieces that we think you'll love. Keep reading to discover your next favorite jeweler, or to brush up on the classic retailers who continue churning out beautiful baubles.

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The longtime trendsetters at Catbird have been cooking up stylish, updated classic designs since 2004 and employ 30+ folks on location in NYC to create beautiful pieces from ethically sourced and conflict-free gold and diamonds. There are pieces here for all budgets, from their under $20 wishing bracelets that make great souvenirs and gifts, to priceless custom engagement rings that are certain to please blushing fiancés-to-be.

We've suggested Mejuri's chic jewelry for aesthetes who love simple, stackable looks before, so let us remind you: Their selection is stunning. Baguette shapes in earrings and bracelets, simple thin bands for combining with your existing pieces, and single-diamond staples fill their collection of wondrous designs that are perfect for wearing on a daily basis or piling on dressed-up looks to add class.

While W&B sells far more than jewelry, they do carry an impressive collection of the stuff featuring designers and styles from all over the world. From porcelain black cherry earrings to dainty gold lariats, there's something here for everyone who enjoys fresh, funky style from some of the best taste-making curators out there.

Think Etsy's just for fledgling artists and vintage clothes dealers? Think again. An endless fountain of independent jewelry makers and vintage collectors have flooded the site with quality pieces for over a decade now, including that in some of the trendiest looks around right now like this gold circle necklace or one of these beautiful zodiac necklaces. Don't skip the vintage stuff, though, as you never know when you'll stumble across the perfect Edwardian opal for your collection.

Touting itself as the world's largest online jewelry retailer, this is a must-see stop on this list. Blue Nile carries all sort of traditional styles and customizable options, even letting you create an engagement ring from scratch. Check in here if you've been saving up to pop the question, or if you're just looking to really impress someone on an anniversary, birthday, or holiday this year.

Growing up, Alexandra Cheung’s mother always told her to “buy less and invest in quality timeless pieces” when it comes to jewelry. She took those pearls of wisdom to heart while creating her gorgeous collection of solid gold and pearl jewelry, La Grotta Collective.

Every piece is made with 14k or 18k solid gold making it skin-friendly, tarnish-free, made to withstand everyday wear, and will last you for life. The styles range from delicate and dainty to bold and Baroque, and the prices are a fraction of what you may find at a larger retailer with significant markups. We’re especially in love with one of the best sellers, the Blakely teardrop pearl necklace, and how it seductively settles into the décolletage.

Made for "heavy metal hearts," Etah Love creates striking silver pieces that combine roses, thorns, skeletons, moons, planchettes, and other arcane images into bold statement pieces that toughen up any look with a hint of mystical edge. They recently paired with popular YouTuber Bailey Sarian for a sold-out pair of all-seeing eye pieces that are still worth a look (and hopefully might come back!), but our current in-stock favorite is the Royal Treatment ring that contains a sculpted rose centered in a claddagh-inspired centerpiece.

One click on this site and you'll see why we were taken in by their incredible array of inventive, unorthodox pieces. Zodiac constellations recreated in tiny golden splendor, delicate insects rendered in pristine jeweled perfection, unexpected gem clusters jump out at every turn, most ringing up at under $100. Check out the personalized section for a bevy of options that would be perfect for gifting a loved one on any special occasion.

Among the "find them at the mall" crowd of stores, Reeds has always stood out for having a more unique and colorful selection that encompasses classic and contemporary styles. Their David Yurman selection is particularly alluring, especially for collectors of the designer's signature pieces.

Shein is one of our favorites stores for browsing and trying out trendy pieces without a big financial investment. While you won't find anything in their jewelry section that's made to withstand daily wear for the long haul, there are tons of fun, cheap options (half of our favorite earring styles are $1) so you can buy a few things for next to nothing and experiment with new looks. They even have plenty of fake body jewelry so you can rock that nose stud or ear cuff you've been too afraid to pierce permanently.

Art deco meets alien abductions and dinosaur motifs? Trust us, it works better than it should. Somehow Little Rooms takes a nonsensical montage of imagery and design that blend flawlessly into affordable, beautiful pieces unlike any you'll find elsewhere. They even carry amazing structured handbags that look far more expensive than their asking price.

Verameat are one of New York's best local jewelers who carry mostly mid-range pieces that incorporate ultra-hip themes that toy with the esoteric and magical but maintain the Brooklyn cool look their loyal customers have come to love. Whether you're looking for a Drama Queen signet ring or prefer the luxe look of a Karmic Opal, you'll find something to suit you here.

Department store jewelry sections can sometimes look dated and tired, but Nordstrom stays up to date with the latest fashions and offers a huge selection of jewelry at all budgets and styles for every occasion. Whether you're shopping for your friend who enjoys the simple, timeless styles they carry or want to grab a funkier piece of costume jewelry for yourself, you're sure to stumble upon something on their hundreds of pages of options.

We've name-dropped this incredible Philadelphia-based maker before (read more here) but just to remind you, Souvenir Jewelry consistently churns out some of the most sought-after designs popular among stylish influencers and photogenic babes online today. Dagger earrings, retro-style glasses chains, and thorn-covered XL hoops are just a few of the independent company's tough-chic collection, so browse away and find your perfect accessory today.

Fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, seasonal jewelry, year-round jewelry: Baublebar has it all in beautifully organized sections that let you jump straight to special collections such as their Disney collaboration or their new "Silver: Must Have Metal" section. We love their chunky chains and throwback herringbone necklaces for daily wear, and precious teddy bear charms for the sweeter occasions.

The Instagram-popular makers at Regal Rose are based in the U.K. but as with anything cool, the potential extra shipping time is way worth it when you see their selection. Collections vary widely and draw inspiration from such varying places at antique Victorian jewels to more recent vintage 1990s styles (like this etched glass scorpion necklace we love). The prices are right too, so splurge on a few pieces and you can still treat yourself for well under $100.

While it's a known fact you can't walk into a Target without buying 5x what you came in for, you might not expect their online jewelry section to be so hot considering their budget-friendly prices. It is, though, and it encompasses a wide range of cheap-to-luxury pieces that work for many gifting occasions and styles. Check out their fine jewelry section some outrageously decent deals on real diamonds.

While more renowned for their chic clothing and home furnishings, Anthrolopogie also has a fantastic selection of low to mid-priced jewelry ranging from simple gold initial pendants to bold turquoise drop earrings in avant garde shapes. It’s the perfect place to browse when looking for unique, gorgeous gifts for a sister or best friend, or just to treat yourself to something new and unexpected.

If you love classic gold, layer-ready pieces, Gorjana may be the perfect place for you. We’re particularly fond of their bespoke selection of gold bar necklaces, signet rings, and fancy dog tags, all ready to be engraved with your own personalized message.

Offering both fine options and more budget-friendly pieces, Kendra Scott Jewelry aims to “thoughtfully and joyfully connect through beautiful jewelry that gives back to the causes and people you care about most.” All pieces are designed in the company’s Austin, TX based studio and a portion of their annual proceeds is donated to charities that focus on empowering women and children. Browse Kendra’s Picks to see an up-to-date look into what’s trending now.

Tarot lovers, witches, sword appreciators, and unholy demons unite: Nyxturna is the place for you to find “magic-infused talismans,” in their own words, and drape yourself in layers of glamorous, mysterious, and gorgeous silver pieces.

Among the wares you’ll find simple nameplate necklaces in gothic fonts with words like Witch, Vamp, and Sapphic boldly splayed, while bondage-themed rings and bracelets hint at a flirtation with the unchained. There’s also a smattering of home decor and incredible giclee prints, so toss in a gift for decorating your walls while you’re shopping to adorn your body.


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