7 beautiful pairs of roller skates to get you back in the rink

7 beautiful pairs of roller skates to get you back in the rink
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Roller skating is one of those activities that waxes and wanes in popularity, and certainly more than a few of you have fond memories of zooming around the local rink at some point in your life, likely accompanied by a great retro soundtrack and swirling neon lights.

Great news for the nostalgic: Skating is making a trendy comeback after its re-popularization via viral TikToks in which talented skaters make it seem effortless and cool yet again. The pastime also offers a heart-pumping cardiovascular workout and toning benefits, plus it’s just plain fun.

When looking for skates, you’ll need to choose between many options: Do you want quad skates or blades? Will you prefer soft wheels (better grip, less long-lasting) or hard? Are the bearings high-quality (read more on that here)? Will you want soft boots for dancing and grooving, or a hard boot style for long haul workout sessions? You can read more about the questions you’ll need to ask yourself before buying at Skatepro.com’s buying guide, where experts make it easy to digest all the info you need.

Keeping these questions and more in mind, we looked across the web and narrowed down a short list of favorite skates to get you started on your journey. Browse our picks below, snag a pair for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about all over again.

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Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

These gorgeous skates come in a variety of fun, springlike colors, and the construction will keep you comfortable while you roll for hours. The Beach Bunnies have a lace-up closure, soft-brushed printed lining, and a universal metal plate with a bolt-on toe-stop for breaking your stride without breaking a limb.


Roller Derby V-Tech Adjustable Inline Skates

Some of us simply do a better job of staying upright on inline skates. Luckily colorful options abound with these, too, including these teal and purple pair currently on sale for less than $50. They’re sleek and easy to use, and the fit can be adjusted with the click of a button, plus the wheels are made for indoor and outdoor use, giving you the versatility you need to sneak in a workout anywhere.

Roller Derby V-Tech

Chicago Women's Rink Roller Skates

For a more traditional look, these white and pink lace-up skates are the ticket. They have aluminum chasis for strength and durability, an adjustable toe stop, a lightweight, comfortable fit, and the wheels are built to withstand whatever surface you roll them across.


Moxi Skates - Lolly - Fashionable Womens Quad Roller Skate (2020 Model)

The name says it all when describing the good looks of these skates, but their construction, ratings, reviews, and “Top Seller” badge of honor are the real reasons to invest. As one skater raves:

“They ride so smooth outside. I feel like I’m floating. I’m so happy with my purchase... Save your money and invest in the Moxie’s, you will not be disappointed!”

Moxi Skates

Boys Girls Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids and Adults with Light up Wheels Size (S-XL)

As a biased owner and the writer of this article, I have to brag on these very cool skates for just a minute: The sizing seems strange at first, but I ordered an XL for my American size 10 lady feet and they’re perfect. The pink and black color scheme is fun and matches a ton of knee pad and wrist guards available as well, and the biggest surprise came when I broke them out at night and was immediately taken in by the incredible lights! I briefly noticed the “light up wheels” detail in the title, but these truly shine bright and flash vibrantly to make for an incredible nighttime skating experience indoors and out.


Impala Quad Skate - Leopard

It’s hard to compete with the boldfaced glory of these red and leopard fantasy skates. Impala is a great maker for roller skates and really knows how to blend style and lasting quality, so buy with confidence knowing these are made to withstand whatever you put them through and look great doing so.


Cal 7 Sparkly Roller Skates for Indoor & Outdoor Skating

They’re black, sparkly, a classic shape, and provide plenty of ankle support for smooth rolling in style. 58mm 83A PU wheels boast the perfect grip for any surface you take them on, while the strong faux leather and incredible retro style look amazing on your feet while you wow onlookers with your balance and technique–or distract from a lack thereof, if needed.

Cal 7
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