6 best massage tools from Amazon to relax your muscles at home

6 best massage tools from Amazon to relax your muscles at home
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There are plenty of benefits involved in getting a massage - and it doesn’t matter if the massage is performed by a human or a machine. To list a few of the advantages: there's the relaxation element of massages, as well as cutting back on stress, blood pressure reduction, and the relief of muscle pain/pressure.

According to the Acupuncture Massage College of Miami, the art of massage can be traced back to Ancient China - 2700 BCE. Today, as innovation continues, massage machines and equipment have made it easier to bring the practice into your home.

Furthermore, massagers are now a fraction of the price you’d pay a human. But how do you know if you're getting the best massage machine or equipment?

For starters, you should be aware of a few things. You can get affordable massage equipment without breaking the bank. Regarding key features - there are pluses like cordless and heated massagers. Noise production should also be included in your list of considerations.

Lastly, focus on where on the body you want to massage. There are full-body massagers, back and neck, as well as those for the feet and hands.

After more than 10 hours of testing on the upper/lower back, neck, hands and head - we concluded that these massage tools listed below offer the best bang for your buck.

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

The shape and length of Wahl’s Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massager make it perfect for reaching spots on the lower back and its oblong handle allows you to massage the back with one of its four attachments.

Although the machine needs to be plugged in, it is still portable.

We should also mention - when compared to other massagers tested, it was slightly heavier. In the end, what we enjoyed most is its high-intensity and ability to work out seriously painful knots in the legs, back, and shoulder area.

We were even able to use the machine on the hands, which can be great for writers, musicians, carpenters, or anyone who works with their hands.


Naipo Neck and Shoulder Shiatsu Kneading Massager with Heat

Napio advertises a professional massage experience, which is accurate.

Its four deep-penetrating Shiatsu massage nodes dig deep into the nooks and crannies. The machine attempts to recreate the feeling of a real massage therapist and does an excellent job.

Napio's portable Shiatsu massager seemed to work best on the back and neck.

Napio's design is sleek, compact and even enables heated massage. The heat isolates pain and provides long-lasting relief.

The machine contours to fit the shape of wherever it is placed - which is wonderful if you’re planning to travel. Another promise made by Napio is its money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days, you can receive a full refund.

Additionally - you get a 24-month guarantee for "quality-related issues."


LiBa Back and Neck Massager for Trigger Point Fibromyalgia Pain Relief - Self Massage Tool

If you're more of a manual process kind of person - the next massager is for you.

LiBa’s manual back and neck massager enables you to apply as little or as much pressure as you want. We found it worked well to work out stiffness and knots stemming from strenuous activities.

This massager is especially good if you're on a budget and for those who want to travel with massage equipment as it doesn’t take up a ton of room. Not only is it light, but it can fit in most any bag.

Another plus - LiBa’s self-massage tool is 100 per cent noise-free.


Snailax Full Back Massager with Heat-Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad with 8 Flexible Massage Nodes

With gel massage nodes, this deep-kneading massage chair works just about anywhere you have a chair. If you ever feel tense at the office -- SNAILAX’s Shiatsu back massager can work on the lower back, buttocks, and shoulders.

Because of the massage nodes, a massage provides near-instant-relief.


RAKZU Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat

Using heat and targeted intensity, RAKZU's electronic massager is a wonderful way to de-tense your muscles at home or on the go.

Loops on either side give an ergonomic design edge to this product, as you can pull it into your body for an even more vigorous rub down.

Four large and four small massage nodes provide eight contact points that will get a deep, intense massage whether you choose to use this tool on your neck, legs, or arms for a full body relaxing experience.


Muscle Massage Gun, Quiet Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes Percussion Massager Handheld for Soreness Miudaml U3 Silver

If you spend any time watching chiropractic videos on YouTube (those cracks are just so satisfying!), you're probably familiar with a massage gun. Pros use them to loosen muscles so they can get a deeper adjustment, but you can also utilize the strong percussion of this gun in your own home for pesky, stubborn muscle knots.

With six heads and 20 speeds, the massage gun is fully customizable to suit your individual needs. This makes an excellent gift for any gym lovers in your life, or anyone who has a stressful job that leaves them stressed out and sore after a long day.

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