10 best sleep masks for a peaceful night’s rest

10 best sleep masks for a peaceful night’s rest
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Sleeping masks used to block out light might seem like something reserved for prissy types who need their eight hours (and who among us is not that?), but they actually have a whole host of benefits that come along with them! According to Healthline, studies have shown wearing an eye mask at night can do the following:

–increase REM sleep

–decrease risk of sleep deprivation-related conditions like heart disease and Alzheimer’s

–decrease likelihood of obesity

–boost immunity, brain health, and mental health

–help less wrinkles form in the delicate skin around the eyes

That’s enough information for us to invest in one, so we checked out some of our favorite stores and some new ones to discover which masks seem to have the most benefit for the best value. Keep scrolling to see which catch your eye, then slip one on tonight to sleep more soundly for your health and good looks.

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Blissy Sleep Mask - Lavender

Crafted from gorgeous lavender silk and packaged in a perfect box for gifting (yourself or otherwise!), this is one of the most beloved luxury masks out there. It even comes with a chic travel pouch so you can keep things tidy when you’re on the go.


SMUG eyelash friendly sleep mask

For those looking to protect their eyelashes while they block out the light, this domed SMUG mask is perfect. It’s made from a lightweight, padded material with a super smooth finish, so it will feel great against your skin while it protects.


Mulberry Silk Eyemask

Another gorgeous satin option, this one comes in a multitude of colors with a soft, gentle band that helps prevent creases around your sensitive eye skin. The best part for people who love a good ensemble? You can match your sheets to it thanks to Brooklinen’s incredible stock of bedclothes.


The Coziest Cashmere Eye Mask

Most masks for sleeping are made of silky materials, but this one is a soft cashmere blend for a warm, cozy sleep experience whether you’re napping on a plane or tucked in for the whole night.


EcoTools Sleep Mask

It may not be the fanciest option on this list, but this mask is priced to sell, made of earth-friendly materials, and comes with completely plastic-free packaging. It’s also vegan and PETA-certified cruelty-free, so buy with a clear conscious and rest better tonight.


Patterned Satin Sleep Mask for Adults

Another low-cost option is this fun leopard print made of contoured satin with cushioned lining and an elastic strap. There are plenty of other colors, so buy one for every day of the week and some to gift your friends.

Old Navy

Weighted Eye Mask, Organic Flax Seed & Lavender

Weighted with flaxseed and lavender, this mask was made to help you sleep soundly and reduce puffiness in the eye area upon waking. You can stick it in the freezer for a cooling experience, the microwave for a warming sensation, and you can choose between several gorgeous removable covers that suit your personal taste.

Peacemaker Studio

Kiehl's Since 1851 Midnight Recovery Sleep Set

The “super soft eye mask” is included here, but we love that it comes with a travel size replenishing facial oil and makeup-removing oil cleanser, too! Not bad for under $30.

Kiehl’s Since 1851

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Candy Stripe Sleeping Beauty Set

This might be the best deal on this list as it comes with the sleeping mask and a matching pillow case and three scrunchies, all made of luxe silky material.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Sleep Eye Mask with Removeable Gel Beads Pad

Not only does this eye mask have a goreous floral print, it contains gel beads inside that can help cool and calm the area around your eyes while blocking out light and ensuring a solid night’s sleep. A full adjustable, hidden buckle strap also makes it easier to fit your unique head shape.

La Ruffine
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