11 best unique planters and vases for displaying flowers in your home
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Plants have seen a dramatic upswing in popularity in recent years, gaining particular traction once we all started spending more time at home. Between your latest fern and the weekly bouquet you might bring home from the farmer’s market, you’re going to need plenty of vessels for containing these botanical delights.

Try one of our favorite offbeat vases or planters seen below for a fun and unexpected twist on home decor that supports your penchant for bringing the outdoors inside. We’ll be adding to this list periodically as we stumble upon new beauties that catch our eye, too, so check back if you don’t find a new favorite today!

Retro Eclectic Colorful Bud Vase

Delightful, bright, cheery, and ready for spring, these are some of the cutest bud vases you’ll ever come across. You can choose from tigers, squiggles, rainbows, and more, just be sure to check the sizing so you’re getting the correct size for your room or window.


YIKUSH Creative Succulent Cactus Pot, Mini Ceramic Plants Containers Sexy Big Lips Planter for Home Office, Set of 1, Red

It’s cute, cheeky, and just a little sexy, and it will bring instant style to any plant stand or windowsill in your home. Try one of each color–pink and red–for bookend mouthpieces spilling over with vines.


Space Invader Air Planter

Are you into aliens? Captivated by the history of Area 51? Or maybe you just like kitschy, retro-inspired decor–whatever the case, this planter is to crash land and die for. Try planting a cute little succulent in the terrarium-like atmosphere to reap the benefits of its dome.

Fred & Friends

Cat Planter

It’s teeny tiny and ideal for a single succulent, and we can’t get over the cuteness of the little kitty face. Each one is made to order from biodegradable plastic, and they’re each hand-painted.

Meow3D Store

Multi-Face Succulent Planter Vase

Faces are big in the world of vases, and this one repeats the theme to infinity to add a slightly unsettling but always interesting vibe to your home. Use it for plants or to organize odds and ends like your keys and other trinkets you bring home in your pockets.


Anthropologie Face Pot

Speaking of faces on pots that we just can’t pass up, this Anthropologie cutie is rooting deep into our hearts with its clean lines and color scheme, simple yet adorable construction, and subtle grin that rivals that of the Mona Lisa herself.


The Farmstand

It’s self-watering, self-fertilizing, and it comes in five different sizes to accomodate your own specific needs to hold anywhere from 12 to 36 plants at a time. The sleek white design looks gorgeous in your garden or home, and you’ll receive the following along with the unit itself:

–Water pump

–power cord

–grow cups and timer

–pH testing kit

–seedling grow cups

And everything else you’ll need to begin planting. Buy for yourself or the serious plant fiend in your life whose green thumb needs a unique and comprehensive grow system for their hobby.

Lettuce Grow

Disco Ball Hanging Planter

Plants like to party, too, so let them cut loose in this shimmering, shining disco ball that will add flair and style to any corner of your ceiling.

Uncommon Goods

Female Form Vase

Invite a touch of the divine feminine into your home with this gorgeous planter that shows just how powerful a well-placed curve can be. Various skin tones are available to best reflect the self-honoring energy you want to carry into 2022.

Urban Oufitters

Aia Glass Terrarium

Another terrarium we love is this geometric glass house that’s perfect for planting miniature vegetables, succulents, air plants, moss, cacti and more.

17 Stories

Basic Planter, Grey Patina

For the minimalist who loves a cool, natural finish, try this grey planter from Bloomist. It’s made from terra cotta with a chic wash of green and comes in various sizes so you can even create a whole arrangement with the affordable pots when you buy multiples.

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